Monday 5 July 2010

Thanks MajorMike!

Just want to say thanks to Mike McEwan (aka MajorMike) for stopping by at the crack of crow this morning to drop off some of his original Hotspur 20mm Falklands era minis, making up for my disappointment (read: sheer bloody anger) with Stonewall and allowing me to push on with the The Winter of '79. These Hotspur minis provide me with a good range of SAS types plus shabby soldiery in British kit to act as rebels, revolutionaries, Union militia etc.

Now, I've assauged my early 80's retro for Hotspur minis, I'm turning to Rolf Hedges and his incredible range of 20mm miniatures to fulfill the open civil war side of the project.

If anyone is going to Devizes on 17th/18th July and is prepared to pick up two packs of URBN7 British Army Internal Security 1970's (with SLRs intact) on my behalf, please leave a message below.


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  1. I remember it well! If you make a large guy with compound bow and Bear razorheads, that was me defending against thew incursions of the police state. My wife got caught in a pool tax riot of about 4-5,000 people in Bournemouth. Heads beaten, petrol bombs thrown. No mention in local or national press