Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Blue Moon Rising


Are they, aren't they, are they.......Yes, finally, Blue Moon Manufacturing have bombarded the 15mm Sci Fi market with a ToT release of  more than a dozen human, alien and mech 'squad' packs, together with no less than 24 vehicles and walkers.

I have to say first off there's some really nice looking alien bad asses that will find their way onto my tabletop such as the 15ALN-113 Zennox.

The majority of the figure packs have a very 'retro' or 'pulp' Sci Fi feel to them. If you are a fan of AE Van Vogt, EE Doc Smith's Galactic Patrol, or any humanoid aliens on Star Trek with weird greeblies sticking out their heads - you are in for a treat! Some will even double as W40K proxies, such as Orions, who could make decent alternative 15mm Space Marine chapters and the Terran Federation as retro Space Elves.

I do welcome the new alien races, giving gamers plenty of choice, especially  those which aren't greeblied up humanoids. Overall there's little that personally speaking makes me go 'wow' about the range. This Sci Fi grognard see's just one more collection of 'squad' packs with guys waving weapons in the air. I'm sure sales, bouyed up by a renewed interest in 15mm Sci Fi from newbies to the genre attracted by the ranges that have come online in the past year will say otherwise.



  1. Look at it this way, Mark... there is now enough 15mm sci-fi on the market that we can choose to be picky about poses and variety. Could we say the same thing three years ago?


  2. For my purposes a lot of them fit the "flavor" category of aliens. Get a few just so that your multi-ethnic hub of civilization is peopled.

    The Orions will make excellent Terran Marines (Starcraft). Their shape is damn near spot on.

  3. Fully agree Chris. 18 months ago I would have bitten their hand off as these presented a different and more varied set of options than say GZG's human squad packs or Laserburn's alien pot pourri.

    But this isn't three years ago and as a customer I and everyone reading this blog deserve the right to be picky.


  4. Wow!

    So many figs...

    @Astranagant You are spot on about the Orions mate!

    When the hell is tomorrows war going to be done already!

    Ray aka Doc Simian