Friday, 27 August 2010

Life, Work, The Universe...... East of Belgrade


We've just returned from two weeks on vacation in southern Turkey. Flew into Glasgow at 1.45am on Friday morning and made it onto the drive outside our house at 4.30am, exactly 13 hours after we left the hotel.

There had been no plans for a holiday this year. My failing health coupled with not knowing from week to week whether I was going to have a job by the autumn had put a kybosh on any thoughts of getting away.

However, 4 weeks ago, I had great news from the Consultant at ARI Chest Clinic. He put me on a new medication regime - three new drugs which I have to take every day, promising that I would regain 30% of my lung capacity within 3 months and 80% within a year. He also recommended spending time in a hot, dry climate to excellerate the process.

So, we thought sod work!  What price health!

Turkey was wonderful and my life has subsequently turned around in a matter of weeks. The dry heat, reaching temperatures of 52 degrees, plus the medication, left me able to breathe, exercise and begin to enjoy life again, rather than every day and night being a struggle. My Peak Flow Rate increased 300 points by the end of the first week and I swam every day just because I could. It gave me a great opportunity to relax in an unpressured environment, centre myself and begin looking ahead again.

Whilst relaxing at the poolside I managed to read Halo: The Cole Protocol  and Stephen King's The Shining. Both recommended. I also took along Ambush Alley's beta Tomorrow's War rules, plus the latest edition of Barking Irons and a new Sci Fi skirmish game system called USEME from

Our new Turkish correspondent, Dropship stowaway Mustapha Cuppa says "Damn the Dardenelles! This is a good read" as he enjoys Barking Irons No.2 somewhere east of Belgrade and south of Ankara - right.

What made Turkey for me, was the number of really genuine and friendly Turkish people we met. And it was these people - Iahim at the Hamman, Murat the barber, Lizzie, Ossie, Mossie and Mumie at the poolside bar who made the holiday, rather than the countryside, food, hotel or resort facilities.

The one sour note, I laugh at now, was the over officious cloakroom attendant at Dalaman airport who told me off for using too much soap and then again for using too much hot air when drying my hands.

Well, he had me on that one! As you know, I do have a propensity for hot air! LOL!


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  1. What a great excuse for a vacation! Did the dry air help your breathing at all, now that you've returned home?

    How are the USE ME rules shaping up? I saw them mentioned on Barking Irons last month, but haven't seen anything else about it.