Tuesday, 3 August 2010

15mm Autumn Offensive

I'm massing my strength for a major 15mm Sci Fi offensive this autumn. With the price of tin climbing and about to go through the roof, VAT rises in the New Year, I think it's wise now to adopt a spend to save approach.

August will see some new figures from Khurasan (still secret squirrel), just in time for Tomorrows War from Ambush Alley Games. I have credit card poised and ready for the word from Jon. No messing around, 60+ figs to start, with augments (remotes and drones) plus Battlesuits from my collection, that's a Tom.War company on the table.

15mm.co.uk have new aliens on the block and a landing troop of these will be creating havoc amongst human settlements everywhere along the Outer Rim.

September, I'm picking up where I left off with GZG - four 'Fan Vans' and a force of Mr T's recently released hover armour. I'm also keeping a watching brief for the promised 'all new' UNSC.

October, aah October! Critical Mass Games' heavily armed Light Recon, plus Agaamid tanks - all previewed on Dropship Horizon back in the Spring. I'm going to go a bit mad with these and use them as ODST proxies, with big guns for squashing alien filth!