Sunday, 29 August 2010

INCOMING....... Got Ourselves a Convoy! 15mm Cardstock Trucks from Mel Ebbles

Master cardstock craftsman Mel Ebbles has released a multi-scale cardstock download and print futuristic CONVOY set that allows you to create 4 different truck bodies (canvassed and open flat beds and water and fuel tankers; available grey, helo drab, white and tan) based on a single design.

 Ebbles Miniatures 15mm Sci Fi
Cardstock Convoy Set: $6.00

The following photo is from the Ebble Miniatures forum showing 15mm Rebel Minis Earth Marines with a beta version of the truck......

Comparison 28mm & 15mm versions of the Convoy set
(from Ebbles Mniatures forum)

Check out the CONVOY page on the webstore for more details including further photos:

Follow the development of the Convoy set at the Ebbles Miniatures forum here:

 Mel's been well and truly bitten by the 15mm bug and is designing a series of armoured vehicles to compliment the CONVOY set.

This range of AFVs is currently known as PATROL. Catch up on the development of the range at the Ebbles Miniatures Workbench here:

I think Mel's dome a great job here in creating a range of affordable futuristic and Sci Fi vehicles for the 15mm gamer.



  1. Really impressive models, but the 15mm miniatures gaming community needs to support Mel in this endeavor, or these might be some of the last 15mm models he makes. Last I read on his forums, the 28mm version was outselling the 15mm ones. He started these to see if there is an interest in paper models in this scale, but they need to be profitable for him to continue producing more items in this scale. Love to see more Ebbles products in this scale, so lets help Mel out.

    Spartan 117

  2. Cardstock 15mm definitely seems not to be such a hit... CONVOY is shelved UFN.