Wednesday, 4 August 2010

INCOMING...... New 15mm Turrets from Old Crow

Not heard a lot from Old Crow so far this year, so I'm delighted to find new 15mm Sci Fi releases.

First up, two new turrets. Both turrets will fit the Gladius, Slingshot, Claymore, Lancer, Turret Base, and Field Mount. The Multi-Missile Turret is £2.00 and the Support (Gatling) Turret is £1.50.

Next, 15mm Sci Fi cargo. You can't get enough cargo to pretty up a game table and use for cover. In this instance you get a pack of 4 stacks of Canisters for £2.00 and 2 stacks of Crates also for £2.00.

Finally, new post and packaging rates are in effect. So make sure you read the How to Order page!


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