Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Khurasan's "HOG" - You are gonna love this!

New from Khurasan to give the Federal Army mobile support on the ground:
"The DIMOG Armoursuit is a light assault mech which permits the Federal Army to bring the power of their platoon heavy weapons -- the 20mm autocannon and the Rattler heavy anti-tank missile launcher -- to bear in an offensive.  The Federal Infantry love the DIMOG because it is right there when they need it, and have nicknamed it the "Mog" or, more often, the "Hog".

There are two variants of the DIMOG -- the DIMOG Mark 1, as shown in the image, and the DIMOG Mark 2, which is hardened (with additional armour so that it is completely enclosed).

Both kits will be available within a month or so, and each comes with two sets of legs, two autocannons, and one missile launcher.  (Yes, that attachment point you see on the roof of the DIMOG is a weapons port so you can mount all three weapons on one DIMOG!)

In the image you can just make out the sergeant operating his Mark 1 Mog.  This should make it clear that this is a small Mech, not a towering cyborg like the L-HAC."

 So, what  is the Dropship opinion? I showed the pic to Eli just before posting and he came back with:

I like! This scream armed labor militia to me. Like a modified civilian loader. It makes me think of a game I ran for an Aliens RPG (not the Leading Edge one) I ran back in the 80s. One of the missions that the Marines were sent to do was to provide security during a hot labor dispute on a corporate colony world. Modified loaders were used as weapons by the militia groups. They carried everything from jerry rigged flamers and rockets up to smuggled in heavy weapons. Walking technicals they were.

Me? Jon, I want six!

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  1. What can I say, it was love at first sight. Not sure what I'll do with all those extra legs, but I'm pretty darned sure I figure something out. Legs are one of the hardest things to kitbash or scratch build.


  2. The enclosed version would be perfect for scenarios such as the Dinom ones from Classic Traveller!

  3. I should point out that the sculptor is Mike Briadbent.

    Omer, I actually prefer the enclosed version, the Mark 2, but Mike I think prefers the Mark 1. It will be interesting to see which sells better! :-)

  4. Now I can do Matrix and Aliens!!!

  5. Could you also create a version of this with lifting arms instead of weapons, for civilian/military loading use?

  6. Probably one of the most convincing and plausible two-legged sci-fi vehicles I've ever seen. I'm really starting to like the Federal Army aesthetic!

  7. Beautiful. This is indeed a plausible mech and I look forward to it's release. On that note, I just made my third order from Khurasan. Love their items. So nicely done and I almost curse them for continuing to make such awesome items...even if some are a little too "recognizable". -Wink.- Took me a few good looks to catch who "Dave Rimmer", Hero of the Resistance, really was. Lol.