Wednesday 20 October 2010

Mowing the Lawn

I've not been so bloggy over the past couple of months. Laptop's been out of action, head down at work with projects and workforce issues. But also, plenty of self-proclaimed professional reviewers setting up .coms, folks with rules to sell trying to pick up traffic through reviewing and the manufacturers themselves finding their own voice on the blogging wires, making it noisy out there.

I found that I just don't have time or the will to scurry round scavenging news and titbits from other online sites to pass off as news. So, my line in the sand is here and now. With a reducing number of pounds in my pocket in real terms like everyone else, if I think something is good enough to buy, you'll see it here on Dropship Horizon, either in my wishlist, on the workbench or on the tabletop as part of my collection. And that is the final arbiter after all.

Figurewise I've really been kicking my heels waiting for Khurasan's new Federal Army range and Critical Mass Games' Light Recon support weapon packs. Jon has kindly allowed me to have some input on expanding the Federal Army range, so these are likely to be my main forces for 2011.

Things haven't been completely quiet and I do have a few surprises up my sleeve!

Let's Get Some!



  1. Mark,

    It's safe to say that 15mm has grown well beyond the point that one man can handle all of the reviews and releases... yet you managed to keep up for a very long time. You should be extremely proud of what you have accomplished; Dropship Horizon helped win many of us over to this scale!

    I truly look forward to seeing what direction you take DH in the future. I think your best posts have been the things you are truly excited to talk about, instead of when you're just serving as a "news outlet" for everyone else.


  2. Hey Mark,
    How'd you get that picture of me mowing my yard last week?
    Seriously though, your blog is definitely what drew my attention to 15mm wargaming and got me "hooked", and I also look forward to your future posts. Thank you for a great resource.

    Spartan 117

  3. Thanks guys.

    Chris, I'm truly blown away by your comments. That type of recognition from a fellow gamer I respect means a lot!


  4. I totally agree with Chris; you're the guru Mark, just post something about 15mm and be sure I'll be reading it!
    I liked and I'll keep on liking your blog a lot.
    All 15mm Sci Fi fans owe you something.