Thursday, 4 August 2011

"Beam us up?" "By your command!"

Matt Alleman from Astro Miniatures has just released some great items for all of you cinematic and television gamers:

Astro Crew - 15 figures for $10

Sybots - $8 for 10 miniatures

The inspiration for both of these releases is pretty obvious, but I'm looking forward to seeing what other uses everyone finds for them. Matt has also released some great conversion items: female head sprues, male head sprues, and a sprue of very Trek-inspired pistols. Check them out here:



  1. I just started watching the classic Trek episodes with my daughter, those first figs might need to be in order...

  2. I for one see lots of possibilities for conversion on the Astromen. Their simple clothing is inviting for converting into civilians and the separate heads are good for other lines of minis too.


  3. Yes. A great many possibilities there. And those cybots would make great Geth with just a little bit of work.

  4. Ordered a set of each Friday and they arrived Monday! Great service. The Astro Crew are a bit thinner than I thought they'd be based on the photograph, so be careful trimming the (minimal) flash. The variety of poses is great! The Sybots are sturdy and lethal-looking. I'm looking at how to add a head crest and cape...