Wednesday 10 August 2011

The Harook Part 2 - Interview with Mad Robot

Dropship Horizon was lucky enough to have Steve from Mad Robot answer a few interview questions in a short Q&A. I think you can see by his responses that he is a passionate miniatures enthusiast and he's really come to the Harook project with a loto f thought and vigor.

The questions below were sent to Steve in an email. He was also kind enough to send along some early concept drawings showing a little bit of the development of the Harook -

Are you a gamer and if so, what is your background in the hobby?

I was into RPGs back in high school, I eventually got over the swords & sorcery thing and became interested in Sci-Fi, really into Traveller.  At one point I had the original little box set with the first rule books, very cool stuff.  Many years passed and then 40K caught my attention about 5 years ago but my practical tabletop gaming experience is very limited.  I just liked staring at all the pictures of awesome little sci-fi soldiers.  I became obsessed with the 28mm hobby end of things and I’ve maintained a hobby blog, Sadoukad16, under the name Col. Hessler.  I have a huge passion for kit bashing and customizing every figure I deal with.

How long have you been into miniatures?

I guess the time frame would be about 5 years.  After I picked up the 40K rulebook, I didn’t know what to do with  I just liked staring at all the pictures of awesome little sci-fi soldiers.

What sort of things inspire you when thinking about creating figures - i.e. do you have specific authors or images in mind?

In general, I tend to sway towards the “humanity fighting the aliens” theme.  Although I read a great deal, I don’t tend to get inspired that way.  Quite often I get inspired by other people.  It’s like to musicians jamming, one might play something that inspires the other.  I can get inspired by the slightest thing and once my imagination kicks in, there it is.  That’s certainly what happened with the Harook.

What, to you, is the 'must have' in a figure when you're looking at prospective purchases for your own collection?

When I see it, it has to spark my imagination somehow.

Your first release in 15mm is the Harook bird aliens. Why birds alien?

I look at Mad Robot as a business as much as anything else.  When someone give a detailed list of things that 15mm gamers are looking for, like you did on DH, I see that as a prospective “to do” list.  The Avian Alien suggestion was one of the things that sparked my interest right away.  I bet when many people saw the words “avian aliens” they pictured something with wings.  I pictured what you see in the concept drawing.  The irony of these super high-tech bird men, with gauss weapons and hover tanks, screeching at each other on the battlefield was irresistible to me. 

Your initial releases with Mad Robot have been in resin. Are you planning on going metal or resin with the Harook?

That’s still undecided right now.  If my resin caster can do them, I might try it.  15mm seems to be synonymous with metal and that works for me too.  It will probably boil down to what is less expensive, what is easier.

Are there plans to do other types of aliens in 15mm?

Right now my sole focus in 15mm will be the Harook.  I plan to fill out the line as much as I can.  That means command, heavy weapons, assault/special weapons, dropship.  That will certainly keep me busy on the 15mm side for a while.  After that, who knows?  I haven’t run it by him yet but I may see if Pedro is interested in making something nuts, just tell him to let his imagination run wild and see where it goes.  That would probably offer up something awesome.  He is Mr. Bug Man after all...

Being relatively new to 15mm science fiction, what would you say is the greatest area for expansion into the hobby?

I would tend to think that new alien races are always welcomed.  Also, this concept of a “complete line” certainly has some merit.  I think the hobby would benefit from a nice BIG community start to grow around 15mm.  How about a “Con” totally dedicated to 15mm?  Is there one already?  If not, there should be

Thanks again for the chance to be featured on DH.  Maybe we can work together and make 15mm the “go to” scale for gamers. 


  1. Thats great news.
    Do not forget civilians (f.ex. hostages, scenario objectives, technicians, leaders, chaplain/wizard, trader, children, mother, innocent looking bystanders who may detonate IED) and militiamen/insurgents/criminalists (bystanders reveal guns).

  2. Shame there is not going to be wings on offer as if they were a bit like the Geonosians from Star Wars who have different roles in there society (as would this may be a good after market product as well for you) but I do really like the design and concept of some of these! A super advanced race instead of barbarians with guns:-) Keep it up!

    Cheers Matt

  3. Excellent designs, Steve!

    I'll definitely be putting some of these on my table when they're available!


  4. Great interview! I always love to hear from the people who are out there designing and producing miniature lines!