Monday, 22 August 2011

Incoming: Khurasan Sci-Fi Interior Terrain

Khurasan will be releasing a series of sci-fi themed interior terrain pieces and accoutrements in the not too distant future. The first batch of items consists mostly of passageways, different walls/bulkheads and door sections plus some smaller terrain pieces like computer consoles, desks, screens, racks of hardware etc.

I was working on these last week and can say that they are very well sculpted and rather fun to paint! You can see a melange of inspiration in the sculpts and they feel fresh yet familiar in an appealing way. If you're looking to create the interiors of a spaceship, an off-world colony or some lost Jovian science station these pieces will come in very handy! Personally I've been wanting to do a 3D board for the old Aliens boardgame from LEG and with the exterminators, space demons and now these I think the time has come.

Some quick snaps of some of the items:

According to Jon this is an ongoing project and there are more upcoming stuff in the works. Some more pictures are available at the Khurasan blog.


  1. Fantastic looking stuff that has been a long time in coming in 15mm scale, now i just hope the price for these Interior parts are reasonably priced so that the average gamer can have the oppertunity to build a complete space station or even a scrolling space hulk labyrinth...

  2. I like that they look sci fi an not "gothic sci fi"!

  3. ^^ What he said! Straight functional sci-fi has a lot broader appeal than yet more arches 'n' skulls, even if those have their place in the Grimdark Future. This style works for Marines/Xenomorphs, generic space station, Star Wars, Firefly etc.

    One further advantage of these may be that although a lot of printable papercraft terrain is available for 28mm, it might be tricky to assemble when scaled down for 15mm.

  4. Thanks for the sculpting mention, Martin. Great paintup and article!


  5. "it might be tricky to assemble when scaled down for 15mm."

    It IS tricky and well beyond my thumbs. These are a long awaited boost to 15mm Sci Fi gaming, especially for RPG and Sci Fi 1-2-1 skirmish fans.