Sunday 7 August 2011

Review - Rebel Minis TomCAT and WildCAT 'Bots

Not too long ago, Rebel Minis released the CAT 'bots. I ordered a set of each shortly after their release... and was impressed enough to order a second set during Rebel's sale. Each pack comes with two CATs bodies (one posed upright, one posed walking) and two complete weapon sprues. The packs are differentiated by the weapon sprues contents:

TomCAT (Close Killin' version)
  • Two arms with empty articulated hands
  • One arm holding a large rifle-type weapon in an articulated hand
  • A spare rifle for either of the bare hands
  • One large blade that attaches to an arm (either side)
  • One large shield that attaches to an arm (either side)
  • One powerplant that fits to the back of the body
No matter how you build a TomCAT, you'll end up with a spare arm.

WildCAT (Tankbustin' version)
  • Two arms with very large claws
  • Powerplant backpack with missile mount
  • Two missile pods
So you can build the TomCAT about a dozen different ways, while the WildCAT is a straightforward build. I decided to mix mine up rather than using them as intended... each of my 'bots has one arm with an articulated rifle hand and one of the big claws. I put a shield on one, and the missile launcher on the other, then use both as the heavy support in an infantry squad (see here for the army design and fluff I used).

The casts were nearly flawless - very little filing or cleaning was required. I would suggest that you use a clipper to remove the weapons from the frame - I twisted one arm off with just my fingers and it tore a bit off the shoulder socket. But what I like most about the CATs is the two different poses that are included in the packs - John Bear Ross had a brilliant idea when he created the pose variety. I only wish Rebel Mike would have JBR go back and do an advancing pose for the Earthforce and Titan Marine HAMRs - I have a couple of each, but would field more if there was some pose variety.

If you want some good tall warbots for any kind of 15mm force - give these a close look. Mine will probably double as Heavy Droids for an Alien Squad Leader force... or I'll just pick up a few more packs! Also - these are tall enough that they would work well in 20mm sci-fi forces, if that's your cup of tea.

One final thought about the WildCAT frames - the large "tank ripper" claws look pretty familiar to me:

I can't help but wonder if those arms would fit on the Khurasan DIMOG body?

Those arms on that vehicle, given a yellow paint job... someone should make a movie with a vehicle like that...



  1. Nice review, Chris. I'm very pleased with how the Cats turned out, and hope others will do the same.

    And great idea with the DIMOG/Cat bit mix. ;)


  2. Actually there are pieces already made to turn the DIMOG into the Hercules Loader -- just waiting for the production mould to be made.

  3. Seen here in fact on this little known website. :-)

  4. D'oh! You think I would have remembered that post...

    You heard it everyone - no sacrificing your CATs and DIMOGs just to make one loader. :)

  5. Hey,

    I've been checking these out for a while...any chance they could be used for Power Armor? Or are the legs a bit too skinny?


  6. @Sgt. Apone -
    I'm afraid they won't work for power armor. Their waists, shoulders, and legs are very clearly robotic in nature.

    If you want power armor that is roughly twice human-size, the Valkyries from Artcrime Productions probably the closest item available right now.

  7. Thanks for the reply Chris K.

    I've looked at the Valkyries, just haven't placed an order for them.....yet.....

    I've also considered the Khurasan Power armor figs as well.

  8. Very nice models! More great stuff from Rebel Mike!

    These will work very nicely with Khursan's walkers, too, giving gamers a lot of options. Always a cool thing!