Monday, 1 August 2011

Combat Wombat 15mm Milled Barrels

For those who don't know about him, Combat Wombat is a small shop producing quite an extensive line of resin vehicles and buildings in 15mm. Scott, the creator, producer and all around great guy at the head of this company has worked, for many years now, to bring quality vehicles to the 15mm battlefield. Now he brings a new level of excellence and detail to 15mm vehicles that had in the past really only been the realm of scale modellers.

His newest release is a range of professionally machined gun barrels in various sizes and types. As can be seen in the picture below (from the Combat Wombat website) they are perfectly tooled and offer a variety of styles from thick bore to small autocannons and machine guns.

Scott was kind enough to send me samples of each of the barrels offered above and I can say that the picture here doesn't do them justice. Unfortunately, I couldn't produce a picture that was any better, so take my word on it. The barrels are not simple tubes. they are complex, finely detailed additions that will spice up any of your vehicles. The materials is strong and will resist bending.

Check them out. I think you will something for nearly any vehicle with a conventional barrel.



  1. Those look useful. Sturdy for repeated gaming abuse. Not too detailed either, so they can pass as a variety of weapons. _Definitely_ an improvement over some sprue with a hole drilled in the end!

  2. Yep Scott has created a lot of interest with these which gamers not just from Sifi end but also WW2 players which is good for us all:-)
    One of the nice things is some have flared barrel ends which just look cool keep it up:-)
    Cheers Matt

  3. Any news on the muzzle breaks? He had mentioned them on TMP, hoping he does them too.

  4. the muzzle brake barrels are inbound now. should get the first batch on Monday or Tuesday of next week.
    Thanks guys

  5. Turned . . . :-)