Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eureka 300 Club Project - Denizen's Federation Space Troops

Following the success of the Eureka 300 Club Ventaurans project, fans of the old 25mm Denizen minis have decided to try and get a second range sculpted in 15mm.  This time they have set their sights on the Federation Space Troops, SF 30-39 on the Denizen web store:

From Denizen Miniatures' Web Store
For those of you who aren't familiar with Eureka's 300 Club - here's the concept.  A customer can submit an idea to Eureka that has a reasonable chance of production.  That project is placed in the 300 Club Pre-Order section... once a project reaches 600 miniatures preordered from 10 customers, Eureka has them sculpted, cast, and makes them available for sale.  

Denizen graciously allowed their Ventauran designs to be used last year, and those minis are now available in 15mm.  For the Federation minis, Denizen is once again allowing their designs to be used.  So if you have any interest in seeing these troopers in 15mm, head to this page and place your orders.  

And just for some fun weekend discussion: what would you, the readers, like to see submitted to the 300 club?  Something else from an old and defunct range?  Or something new entirely that isn't currently offered in 15mm?  Post some ideas in the comments!



  1. Two things I'd LOVE to see on the 300 Club are a 15mm version of the Soviet NBC Troopers they already ahve in 28mm (for STALKER use) and contemporary Middle East forces (Israel, Hezbullah, Hammas and Iran for the very least, if not both sides of the Syria and Libya conflicts).

  2. Let's all take a moment to thank Chubb Pearson at Denizen. A huge gentleman. All he asked for when the Ventaurans were produced in 15mm was a sample of the figures produced.

  3. Opppps sorry about that little outburst above I was having issues logging in, anyways what I would like to see back in production and could kick myself for not getting when they were readily available are some of the cool 'Top gun' Grav tanks especially as I am now planning on putting together a wannabe 15mm Eldar force, I could always use the new drones from Critical Mass Games but I didn’t want to copy the Eldar influence 100%

  4. I'd like to see the Mid-tech Marines from Denizen in 15mm, with added support options (AT, GPMG, HMG..etc...)

    I'm liking the Ventaurans and the above set! Very cool, and thanks to Denizen miniatures for being good sports!!!!



  5. I'd like to see proper descriptions of what Im supposed to be signing up for and committing to. Simple titles such as WW1 Montenegrans or Sci Fi Vegans etc won't see me making use of the service.