Wednesday, 5 October 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Rebel Miniatures

The Dropship Crew recently caught up with Mike at Rebel Miniatures to find out how he got into wargaming and his plans for 15mm Sci Fi.

Variable Payload Raider (VPR), or Viper Suit as the troops call it. 
We will have 3 versions to start with new weapon systems as well. Designed By John Bear Ross. This should be out in about a month or so...

1. First of all, how did you get into table top wargaming?

I had been playing D&D in the mid 80’s and was looking to get into something different. While at my local comic store I saw a game of Battletech and was immediately hooked. From there I got into Rogue Trader and ultimately into all the Games Workshop stuff. The early GW stuff was amazing and every week, my friends would battle each other at our local comic store. Good times.

2. How did Rebel Miniatures get started and how has running the business changed over the years?

 I was at Origins Game Fair in 2004 with a few of my gaming buddies. At the time I owned a toy company, called Palisades, making action figures and such for Toy’s R US, Target, ect. While we were playing a game, I was complaining that I needed more figures and that no one made the figures I wanted. My wife overheard me and in front of everyone said, “Well, Mr. Manufacturer, why don’t you just make some?” So I did.

When we first started, we only had a few packs. We were doing shows and getting great responses and because we had a few packs, filling orders was pretty easy. Now, with so many packs, boxsets and rulesets, it takes a lot longer but we still love it.

Cheyenne MATV Truck - This goes with Rebel Miniatures MATV Line. Weapon system may change. 
Designed By John Bear Ross. This should be out in about a month or so...

3. What are your general plans for the Rebel Miniatures 15mm sci fi ranges?

We have big plans for our Sci-Fi lines. Right now we are developing more alien races to add to our human lines and really fleshing out our universe. We are in the process of adding more Mech-Type vehicles (my favorites) and John Bear Ross has done some amazing new designs for us. They will blow you away.

This winter, if everything goes well, we will also be introducing a new human faction that will have a cool look and feel to it.

We also teamed up with Two Hour Wargames to add some new box sets to the 5150 universe. We have just released Day of the Scourge and we hope to release more box sets with miniatures, scenarios, campaigns, etc. Our Sci-fi lines will be a major focus for this winter and next year, so stay tuned!

4. How do you think the hobby (sci fi wargaming generally and 15mm sci fi wargaming more specifically) look now compared to when you started out? 

15mm sci-fi wargaming has exploded. There are so many good rulesets and miniature companies out there; you can find almost anything you can imagine. I have heard others say it and I believe it, this is the Golden Age of 15mm.


  1. Golden age of 15mm indeed, thanks for the interview. Rebel Minis figs are very cool, it's always nice to see a good person at the helm to boot.

  2. OK interview, but I enjoyed researching the rise and fall of Palisades and his other endeavors, including his current VP position at Mad Catz controllers. Very interesting career! Nice fellow as well.

  3. I think you might have the wrong Mike from Palisades. Rebel Mike's last name is Renegar.


  4. Thus demonstrating the awesome power, and some of the weaknesses of the interwebs! ;-)