Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Halloween Treat from Art Crime Productions

 Art Crime Productions has a Halloween Treat in store for miniature wargamers this month. They are releasing the first offering in their Mercenary line, the Port Reliant Mercenaries, and these bad boys look kind of familiar-

Fans(myself included) of a certain, super-popular video game franchise will be very pleased with these minis. Jimbo at Art Crime Productions was kind enough to send me a sample pack to review-

The pack is comprised of 6 figures; 2 armed with assault rifles, 2 with assault shotguns, 1 with an anti-tank laser, and 1 with a squad support machine gun. A very functional little squad!

Here are the individual figures-

The figures size up well alongside figures from other manufacturers-
L to R: GZG NI Hardsuit Inf.,ACP Merc, Rebel Minis EF Marine, ACP Merc, CMG Arc Fleet Rifle Infantry, ACP Merc, Rebel Minis Titan Marine.

The photos of the unpainted figures don't do them justice though, so here's what they look like once they're painted-

All in all, the Mercs are extremely good figures. Very cleanly cast, minimal clean-up. The detail is very crisp, making painting a snap. You don't have to be a Spacejacker or Jeff Racel to paint up a nice looking force of minis.

The official release date for the Port Reliant Mercenaries is October 31, and the pack will retail for $8.00 USD, which might seem a little steep for some gamers, but the overall quality of the castings makes them well worth the cost. This is definitely one set of infantry minis that you should consider adding to your collection.

Again, the Port Reliant Mercenaries will be available on October 31, in the ACP Games store.

Spartan 117


  1. I have some concerns about the castings. While the detail looks sharp, it also looks like there is a tremendous amount "layering?" from their prototyping process. It looks really apparent in this pic:


    It really looks like the minis could've underwent some manual clean-up; especially for the price they're asking for them.

  2. Thanks for the review.

    It looks like the layering issues were covered by the painting. Do you guys have any clearer pictures of the painted figures?

  3. How do the figs compare in size to the other Art Crime stuff ?

  4. The price is outrageous, will never buy it.

  5. Anonymous, $1.33 USD isn't too bad considering they're character figures. End up paying that amount for character figures from most companies.

    Their line grunts on the other hand....should be no more than $0.73-$0.80 each at most.

  6. The prices are a little high, but not enough to keep me from purchasing from them. I do like the Valkries and their jetbikes. Just not sure about these; maybe if I were more of a videogamer :)

  7. Out of my price range. Will be interesting to see how the market reacts.

  8. These are fantastic figures and will certainly paint up nice. They have a ton of detail and are going to be fun to use in Valkyrie ruleset from what I have been told.