Friday, 14 October 2011

Review -'s Zidhe (Space Elves)

A while back I received some samples from with the intention that I should review them. Well, things got a bit busy and those reviews got put on hold a bit until things levelled out a bit. Well it seemed it was time and so here we are.

Zidhe (HOF 63 through 68)
The Zidhe are's version of space elves, as the name may already have alluded to, and fill the role nicely. In general the miniatures depict a force clad in long coats with most in ornate helmets with attached respirators and a couple figures without.

Overall, the details on these figures are good though not as crisp in some places as I might like. The helmets on the figures are tall and pointed with a visor across the eyes and a hose trailing to a backpack over their shoulder. Weapons are listed as laser rifles and they look the part. Some have pistols at their side. These figures do have a decidedly pulpy feel, something I do like.

HOF63 Zidhe Infantry
There are three poses in this pack of 10. One kneeling, another advancing, and a third carrying a heavier weapon which I assume is meant to be a squad heavy weapon which he carries at his hip. I would have liked to see one or two more infantry poses, especially with the kneeling pose in here.

HOF64 Zidhe Command
This pack includes four poses across 10 figures. The poses depict a helmetless commander holding his rifle at his hip and giving a subtle gesture with his other hand. There is also a communication figure with a pack bearing an antenna on his backpack. The medic in the pack appears to be bearing some sort advanced medical device in his outstretched hand. The forth pose is a psionic of some sort, holding his hand to his head in a show of intense focus.

HOF65 Zidhe Guardians
Two poses across 10 figures. Carrying shock spears, these are intended as elites for the Zidhe. They seem to have the same gear as the rest, though their breather hoses go over their left rather than right shoulders. They are armed only with the aforementioned shock spears, though I was a bit disappointed that there were no features on the weapons to make them look any different than common spears.

HOF66 Zidhe Androids
These odd androids seem to match the general themes of the Zidhe but with a head that is larger and a different sort of visage. They also look to be carrying a different sort of weapon from the rest. The androids do not have the breather hose that the living Zidhe do. There are only 2 poses of android for the 10 figures in a pack, but they are general enough that it should not be a problem. These figures might make a good basis for Martians as depicted in The Martian Chronicles.

HOF67 Zidhe Jetbike
With a very retro style to it, the Zidhe jetbike provides a bit of fast attack. Unique enough to stand out and consistent with the aesthetics of the Zidhe. I did feel that the rider sat a bit too far back in the vehicle, but the vehicle certainly looks alien but familiar.

HOF68 Zidhe Portable Weapon
I'm not sure what to think of this particular offering for the Zidhe. It is obviously some sort of emplaced weapon, but the design seems very basic with a spear-like weapon projecting from a very static looking base. There are two crew with this weapon who could easily enough be used to crew a different weapon should you not find the stock weapon to your liking.

Overall, the Zidhe offer a good alien race with a conventional feel. Their long coats and pointy helmets are a nice change of pace from all of the space suit and body armor wearing figures out there. There is a definite Eldar feel to those figures as well if you were looking for 15mm versions of popular 40K races.

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  1. Interesting look, they certainly do add something new to the landscape. Thanks for the review.