Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Preview - official Tomorrow's War figures

Many of us on this side of the Atlantic would kill for a chance to attend Salute this year.  

Sure, we have conventions here in the US. And the 15mm manufacturers really go out of their way to support them. But even the best US convention pales in comparison to Salute. In addition to the other 15mm Sci Fi goodness we've already reported, Shawn Carpenter from Ambush Alley wrote us about the upcoming Tomorrow's War figures being produced by Ground Zero Games:

Here are a couple of photos of the new 15mm Tomorrow's War figures that Ambush Alley Games and Ground Zero Games are developing. These are metal proto-types and the finals will be a little more polished (the sniper's base will be thinned down considerably for instance). Jon should have samples for people to see at Salute and I'll have some at Origins.
These two sets contain five poses each of Republic of Arden and DPRG troops. Jon and I are working together to develop support weapon, specialist, and crew served weapon packs for these factions. More factions will follow!
Best wishes,
Shawn Carpenter
Ambush Alley Games, LLC

Needless to say, I'd love to see these in the flesh this weekend!

Here's the preview of the DPRG troops:

And the Republic Of Arden:



  1. They're kind of meh. Maybe they'll look much better painted, or it could be that the detail is lost with the photo quality.

    1. I think they simply need a wash with watered down ink to draw out the detail some of which is obscured by the camera flash.

  2. the first lot look like they will be good for Star wars rebels.

  3. Beautiful and exactly what Dan said, lovely Star Wars proxies...I'll have a look when I'm at Salute!

  4. I think seeing these figures painted will make all the difference, Joaquin. It's always been tough for me to see detail on bare metal.

    These are nicer than I was expecting - and far more useful to my types of games. Personally, I think of Tomorrow's War as having a "near future" or "hard SF" flavor. But these figures (especially the DPRG helmets) would look great in space opera settings.