Saturday, 9 February 2013

Critical Mass Games announces Kickstarter for ZAS Army

Big news today, everyone. Critical Mass Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand the popular ZAS Mercenary pack into a complete, standalone army. If you don't recognize them by name, the ZAS Mercs are the very same figures in the Dropship Horizon banner image.

For those who aren't familiar with Kickstarter, the process is simple. You contribute a "pledge" to the project, and that "pledge" equals a pre-order of the items in that project. Once the initial goal is financed, additional goals are added. If you pledge to a level that gets fully funded - you will receive that item once it enters production. If you pledge at a level that doesn't make its funding goal - your credit card will never be charged for that item. Kickstarter is a great way for small-scale operations (such as the entire 15mm manufacturing community!) to finance their sculptors, 3d prototyping, casting, and painting services without a major investment. And it's risk-free for us, since unfunded goals will never get charged.

For the ZAS Kickstarter, here's a quick overview of the initial offerings.
  • Squad Leader (£8) - 12 ZAS Figures divided into two fire-teams. Each team consists of a rifle-armed leader, three rifle-armed troopers, a squad support weapon, and a special weapon.
  • Platoon Leader (£18) 28 ZAS figures including a platoon commander, comms specialist, medic, and drone, plus four 6-man fire teams.
  • Company Commander (£33) - 57 ZAS figures including a company commander, two platoon commanders, two comms specialists, two medics, two drones, and eight 6-man fire teams.
  • Mechanised Infantry Commander (£85). Everything from the Company Commander pledge, with the addition of four of the existing Bastion IFVs and three Havoc tanks - grav or tracked. I'll be reviewing these vehicles next week to help support the campaign.
There are more options available, including forces that are expertly painted by Craig and Dale. Each of the above pledges includes shipping, and will include "stretch goals" such as heavy weapon and mortar teams as they are unlocked. 

For full details of the pledge levels and stretch goals, along with concept art taking the ZAS from a small team of mercs to a fully-fledged army, visit the Kickstarter page by clicking here.



  1. Signed up for this, this morning. Looking forward to the new figures.

  2. Pledged! Always wanted to buy something from these guys.

  3. went for it myself...looks like a great line of figs!

  4. Do it. Dooo eeeeeet!
    I'm at the Company Commander level. For now. This stuff is addicting!