Wednesday, 27 February 2013


By Harold

Hi everyone,

My name is Mr. Harold and I'm a 15mm miniatures addict.   Some of you might recognize me from TMP or my blog,, but now I've come to invade and contribute to Dropship Horizon...

I'm going to start up a new feature, with this as the first installment, that I'll be calling "Quick Look".  The idea is that I'll take a product and post several picture of it in an unpainted/un-built stage with some discussion of quality, price, availability, etc.  I will then post a painted/finished picture of the product.

I hope that this will allow me to contribute more often, and perhaps get to some of those miniatures that don't sometimes get reviews.  

I look forward to hearing any comments or suggestions you might have!

First up:

Quick Look,  Ground Zero Games 8-Wheel MICV

 (available at: Price:  £7.50

This is a great vehicle model, that would be at home in anything from near future to far future.  There are four different "types": an APC, the MICV (like a Bradley), a command vehicle and a fire support/light tank.

The MICV comes with a turret that goes in the middle, you could use some system of magnets, or just not glue it on and you would be able to easily switch it out with the other top plates.

The parts include the two wheel sprues, the axles, the body, the top plate, the turret and the tank commander.  The sprue with the tank commander also includes the top hatch, in case you wanted to do a button-down look.   

I had a little bit of trouble putting the wheel on the axles and then the body, but I was told that if you glue the axles on the body first, and then glue the wheels on it's much easier.  Even though, it didn't take me very long and everything else went together nicely. 

These vehicles have a lot of character to them, and remind me very much of the Stryker class of vehicles. I have another MICV and a fire support variant that I need to finish up to make a small patrol force.  

These would work great as a patrol detail for a Planetary Defense Force, or any force that needs high-mobility, low-cost vehicles to patrol areas with roads.

I've painted this up with a three tone camo using tamyia masking tape cut into little triangles and such.  I then went the easy route and just used spray primers.   I really like how it turned out and I think the colors lend themselves to both urban environments and a "Mars" type planet. 



  1. I love this mini - it's an excellent choice for the economically-minded merc unit.

    Good work, Mr. H.

  2. A good addition to the team and my first call of port when browsing the blogs

  3. Looking foreward to more of these posts, clear and concise Information on what to expect fro a given model, exactly what I look for in a review.
    Happy to see you join the Dropship Horizon team mr. H.

    PS: just don't neglect your blogg, it's one of my favourites too.

  4. I really like the GZG wheeled vehicles - just wish they'd do something about the actual wheels! Those 'paddle wheels' look really crude compared with, for example, Antenociti's Hunchback or Warthog.

    Still good vehicles and that one niggle won't stop me buying them when my new Commonwealth boys arrive.

    1. They are a little more simple than some of the other offerings... but I like them for that reason as well. They look very nice at table distance and are easy to paint up!

  5. That has been one of my favorite vehicles since I first took up 15mm... can't believe I still haven't got around to buying any. And good tip about the axles for when I do. :)

    1. I think just gluing them to the body first, and then the wheels :) Otherwise, lots of super glue kicker! But that's because i'm impatient!

  6. Great Post Mr Harold!

    I follow your blog and its great to see you here now too.