Monday 4 February 2013

Pangalactic Legion Platoon Pack, Hadai, Starship Consoles, PacFed Reinforcements

Rebel Minis now offers the extremely popular Pangalactic Legion in a platoon pack. From Rebel Mike:

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the next release in our Star Army pack series, the Star Army: Pangalactic Legion Platoon.
This is everything you will need to run a Pangalactic Legion Platoon in 5150: Star Army. The set contains: 24 Infantry, 4 Command and a bonus Extra Heavy Weapons asset! SRP$: $15.99
Sculpted by PF, these are highly detailed and a must for any Sci-Fi gamer! Painted by Jeff Racel! You can see it here: along will all of our other Star Army packs. You can check out the rules for Star Army here:
Kudos to Rebel Mike for offering these platoon packs. They're a great way to start an additional 15mm faction, or introduce new players to the scale.

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Speaking of aliens, I neglected to mention the release of the Hadai Scout Pack from ArtCrime Productions a few weeks back.

Sculpted by PF, the Hadai are a great new felinoid race for your 15mm games. Or a possible range to serve as Aslan for all you Traveller gamers, or as the Emirate of Hacan for fans of the Twilight Imperium board game.

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 GameCraft Minis has added a set of resin computer consoles to their Spaceship Interiors range.

This is a handy little pack - good not only for the GameCraft MDF interior sets, but they would work fine with Khurasan's resin system, any print-and-play set of rooms and corridors, or even the interiors of 15mm buildings.

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Hot on the heels of the new Cougar MBT and Wombat APC, Brigade Models has expanded the PacFed vehicle range. The Ocelot Light Tank follows the overall Cougar design, but reduces the overall profile. The result is a combat vehicle that looks very nimble - ideal for escorting the Wombat APCs.

Then there are two variants of the Minigwal Recce Vehicle. The crew compartments on these are fairly small - intended for two crew sitting in tandem. As David B. so pointed out on the Google+ community, these really blur the line between ground combat vehicle and support aircraft. Both versions have two beam weapons attached to the front of the hull. The first variant has a small twin-gun turret:

And the second has a light missile turret.

They would be great hit-and-run vehicles for attacker/defender scenarios, and would be ideal for outflanking a more ponderous opposing force. The entire PacFed ranges is shaping up to be a very advanced force. It would be ideal for high-tech human infantry - Rebel Shalur and EF Droptroopers come to mind, as do the new Tomorrow's War DPRG from Ground Zero Games. They would also match well with alien factions - something just like the Rebel Pangalactic Legion or ACP Hadai mentioned above.


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  1. I love that light tank. I'm thinking of using the PacFed against the lower-tech (to my eye, anyway) GZG grav tanks (the ones with the exposed grav plates). Nice job by Brigade (and nice chaps, too).