Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New GZG - UNSC Hardsuits

Attention dropship passengers...

In today's news, UNSC Hardsuit Marines are on the move. Deploying to a conflict near you. Here's what their supreme commander Jon Tuffley had to say about them...

The long-awaited new sculpt UNSC Hardsuit Marines (UNSC/H) are NOW AVAILABLE! They are all up on the webstore and fully available.

(Inc. VAT prices apply to all customers in UK and other EU countries, ex VAT prices apply to all customers outside the EU.)

SG15-U10  UNSC/H Marines in Hardsuits - Plasma Rifles pack A (8 figs)
                  £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50 ex VAT.

SG15-U11  UNSC/H Marines in Hardsuits - Plasma Rifles pack B (8 figs)
                  £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50 ex VAT.

SG15-U12  UNSC/H Marines in Hardsuits - Plasma SAW gunners (8 figs)
                  £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50 ex VAT.

SG15-U13  UNSC/H Marines in Hardsuits - Micromissile Launchers and
Laser Snipers (8 figs)  £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50 ex VAT.

SG15-UX       UNSC/H Grav Jump Packs to fit Marine Hardsuits - 24
backpacks               £3.00 inc VAT, £2.50 ex VAT.

The SG15-UX pack contains 24 individual grav-packs, designed to fit any of the Marine Hardsuit figures in packs U10-U13; each UX pack will therefore be enough to equip 3 packs of Hardsuit figures. In MOST cases the Grav-pack will simply glue on over the small cast-on backpack of the hardsuit - it has been designed to be a very quick and simple fit with a drop of superglue, and most figure poses will require no cutting, filing or other work to fit the grav-packs. There may be just a few cases where a little filing and fitting of the pack or the suit is required to make it sit correctly on the figure, depending on the pose of the arms and shoulders and the weapon that the figure is carrying, but we have tried to keep this to an absolute minimum. PLEASE NOTE that the picture shows examples of the grav packs fitted to several UNSC/H figures - the UX pack does NOT contain the figures themselves!

We also have a little special offer intro deal, for a limited time only - by buying the deal you get enough grav packs for all the figures FREE!

UNSC/H "mini intro" deal pack: 2 x SG15-U10, 2 x SG15- U11, 1 x SG15- U12, 1 x SG15- U13  (total of 48 figures) plus two FREE packets of
SG15- UX grav packs!

Deal price £18.00 inc VAT, £15.00 ex VAT.


Since the first sample figure of the new UNSC/H got previewed a few weeks ago, several people have commented on the major differences in weapons and equipment between the new UNSC/H and the UNSC/L Light Infantry - well, here's why....

The UNSC/L (Light) Infantry are the regular ground troops of the UNSC forces, under Army Ground Forces command; they are equipped to a fairly high tech level, using full-body light armour combat suits and carrying rapid-fire gauss weaponry (the IGW-68 infantry rifle and SGW-75 support weapon). The flexible combat suit gives the wearer reasonable protection against shrapnel and some small-arms fire; it is also fully sealed and has sufficient life-support for short term operation in hostile atmospheres, though for hard vacuum operations it is more common to deploy the Hardsuited Marines where available. The large overhead-curving faceplate of the combat helmet allows excellent optical vision, supplemented by head-up displays projected on the inner faceplate by the suit's sensors and comms links.

The UNSC/H (Hardsuit) Marines are a separate organisation completely, under UNSC Fleet command and used as a primary strike force, often dropping from orbit in individual ablative capsules or deploying via high altitude grav-pack drop from atmosphere-skimming transports. The UNSC Marines are equipped to the highest tech level available to any human infantry, each Marine wearing an advanced power- assisted combat hardsuit sealed against vacuum and most hostile environments, and carrying High Energy Weapons tech in the form of the IPW-80 Plasma Rifle and the SPW-82 Rapid-Fire Plasma SAW. The very distinctive bulbous helmet of the Marine hardsuit contains extensive sensor, comms and AI support for the wearer, with panoramic head-up displays for full situational awareness at all times - the narrow "visor" slit in the faceplate is normally protected by an internal armoured shield when the Marine is in combat conditions, and is usually opened for direct optical vision only when out of combat, or in emergency circumstances such as sensor equipment damage.

The Marines are considered the elite of the UNSC forces, highly trained in all combat situations including vacuum and microgravity environments, and there is certainly a strong inter-service rivalry between them and the regular UNSC light infantry - somewhat exacerbated by the fact that they are organised under completely separate command structures. As throughout history, this rivalry has lead to many a bar-fight when troops are off duty;  to the Marines, the Light Infantry are "just a bunch of dirt-grunts", best suited to the jobs of garrison duties, peacekeeping forces and the like; the Light Infantry, in their turn, see the Marines as "cocky glory-hogs with all the best toys", who "drop in, kill everything then bugger off to space again". In action, of course, all this is forgotten - it is not uncommon for Infantry and Marines units to be found fighting shoulder-to-shoulder, and even to be cross-attached to each others' units right down to platoon level when the situation warrants.


So, there we go - lots of you have asked for these, so we've done them!   :-)


  1. I like these quite a bit. And with the larger helmets, it could just as easily be an alien race under the helmets... that makes these useful even outside of the UNSC-L infantry.

  2. These do not do it for me, but I am always glad to see more GZG releases.

    @Chris K: Aliens is a good idea for these!

  3. Get some of these, some Chuhuac... awe, man... Eli, you're killing me, man!

  4. I actually like these quite a bit the add on jump packs although not a new idea is a nice optional addition, if i didn't already have my Bluemoon Heavy Orion troopers or my Eureka Ventauran's i would be all over these. I think Jon has pulled another rabbit out of his hat and is on to yet another winning miniature range...

  5. Some excellent new sculpts from Jon- nice detail, and as observed above, possibly useful for other 'races'.

  6. Excellent! Have been waiting for these!

  7. WIll buy them, but use them as Aliens.

    I wonder when UNSC LI will get 4 poses of SAW, just like all other modernized ranges. After all, they are most popular range...

  8. Cool they do have this extreame zone uniform suits look.For hazarus enviroments;)i will get them i see them i darker orange tone and some bone white colours;)