Thursday, 26 September 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Pre-Orders Specials Available!

By Harold

Note: This is another shameless self-promotion post. :)

Hi Everyone,

The 15mm Hell Divers figures are at the casters and should be in by Mid-October.

Until they come in I am offering a Pre-Order Special for both the Operational Squads (12 Figures) and the Drop Ops Pack.
Standing Riflemen
Kneeling Riflemen
SAW Gunner with backpack.

Operational Squad $10.99  / Operational Squad w/ Support Squad $14.99 
(With free Sniper team!)

  • 12 Unique Figures
  • (2) Command Figures
  • (2) SAW Gunners
  • (8) Riflemen
All figures come with a separate backpack.

Support Squad:
  • Sniper/Spotter
  • (2) AT Weapon with Riflemen

Designed to fight in two distinct fire teams that arrived via Drop Pods, the Hell Divers follow an organization very similar to modern Special Forces units.

As a pre-order bonus, you get a sniper team ($1.99) for free!
Sniper Team
AT Team
Drop Pod painted by Dwartist

Drop Ops Pack $60.99

  • 3x Drop Pods
  • 3x Operational Squads

As a pre-order bonus you get a support squad ($5.99) for free!:

Sniper Team [Sniper/Spotter]

(2) AT Teams [Figure with AT weapon and Riflemen]

Link here:


  1. Decided to help the cause and because I think your minis look cool. Can't wait to see them in person :)