Thursday, 19 September 2013

Khurasan BTR, Spartan Games Gunship, Angry Badger Barricades

by Chris

Khurasan Miniatures has released the BTR-3000 for the Nova Respublik faction.

This near-future wheeled beauty includes several weapon options... you can leave it disarmed, arm it with a single antipersonnel laser if you want a more traditional APC, or use the pictured laser/missile launcher combination for a heavier IFV. It's a great aesthetic match for the rest of the Nova Respublik vehicles - a good range for near-future games.

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The selection of laser-cut terrain options continues to expand.

Spartan Games (Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada) has created the Invincible-class Planetary Gunship for 15mm and 28mm ground games. 

It's an interesting concept - a large ship that can be used as terrain or an objective. Or if you're really crazy (or using a gym floor as a game table), you can use the attached flight stand to turn the Invincible into a game piece. Spartan Games is offering two versions - a fiberboard-only version for £50.00, or the deluxe version with additional resin details (pictured) for £70.00. I'm curious to see how many of these end up being used on 15mm battlefields given its size and price... but it's a good sign that Spartan Games may have some other interesting products for us in the future.

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For a more conventional terrain item, Angry Badger is now offering a complete 15mm barricade kit

For $40, you will get a laser-cut MDF set consisting of twenty 2" modular walls, one entrance wall, twenty straight walkways, four corners, four guard towers, two staircases, and a tank-sized entry gate. It's a pretty tempting set, if nothing else for how easy it would be to get it to the table. Spend a few hours sanding and gluing the parts, give it a coat of flat black spray paint, a quick drybrush or two of your favorite military color, and it would ready to use. 

It's quite reminiscent of a bug-defending compound from a certain iconic movie, and I can easily imagine building small settlements inside these walls for post-apocalyptic games. It will be worth keeping an eye on Angry Badger for more offerings.


  1. Hadn't seen that kit from Angry Badger... very nice!

  2. That compound wall kit does look very tempting for $40 and you get so much of it for that price to, i like the fast that it's generic enough to be used for present day or the near future and with a few add on bits and bobs possibly far future gaming.

  3. Yeah, Angry Badger kinda came out of nowhere. I think we'll see this more and more from the laser-cut terrain folks - there is no additional 3d printing, cleaning, molding, or casting involve. It's usually a simple matter of scaling down an existing 28mm design, fitting a few more pieces onto the sheet, and making sure none of the details became too small to cut.

    I'm half tempted to buy a decent cutter myself. I have some ideas for Infinity-ish 15mm buildings, and wouldn't mind dusting off my old resin modular bunker idea as an MDF project.

  4. An amazingly versatile piece if terrain. Besides mbeing used as a defensive structure, I see it used in industrial settings, space ports, etc.