Friday 27 September 2013

New Hammer's Slammers and Tomorrow's War Infantry from Ground Zero Games

by Chris

Ground Zero Games has added three more infantry packs to their web store - supporting two of the most popular rules systems in the 15mm sci fi universe.

The Hammer's Slammers infantry have been resculpted, and they are definitely up to the high standards set by the NAC, New Israeli, and UNSC. The new Slammers Infantry pack includes 2 each of 4 new poses - all armed with the Slammers' trademark 2cm Powergun.

Providing heavy support to the infantry is the Buzzbombs and Bloopers pack - containing four Slammers armed with Buzzbomb missile launchers and four with the Blooper grenade launcher.

Both packs will be quite popular among Hammer's Slammers fans (and really, any 15mm player who likes their appearance). They're a nice complement to the re-released Slammers vehicles at Ainsty Castings and the revised Eurofed vehicles at Brigade Models.

If the Slammers troops seem a little fragile for your tastes, you might like the new US Power Armor in the Tomorrow's War range.

This pack includes six multi-part Power Armor figures - two each of three body poses, three each of two different weapon arms (plasma guns and autocannons), and six optional backpacks with integrated mini-launchers. These are a very good option for hard sci-fi power armored figures.


  1. I really do like the new Hammers figures

    really very nice

  2. Oh, I am SO tempted to get back into Sci-Fi ground action wargaming. I'm not sure I can handle the temptation!
    Hey, I'm going to a con this weekend! Hmmmmm...

  3. The new Hammers Slammers sculpt look great! I'll get these as part of my return to the 15mm Sci Fi sphere. They make great dirtside police, company security or local militia.


  4. Returning to the glory that is 15mm scifi? Awesome. As one of the guys who got me hooked, I look forward to seeing whar you have in store.

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