Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review: Angel Barracks OKI corporation Walls and Wind Turbine

By Harold

From: Angel Barracks (listed in the scenery category)
£8.50 for a wall set
£3.00 for a wind turbine

Hi everyone,

The wall set with Angel Barracks 6mm troops
When I saw Angel Barracks release this wall set I knew it would work great for 15mm.  While designed for 6mm it has some great details that don't give away the scale.  The wall set comes with three different pieces, a gate section, a wall section and the corner section.

Each wall set comes with two gate sections, four corner sections and eight wall sections.  Very reasonably priced at £8.50 for a set, I got two of them.  

Wind Turbine with 15mm and 6mm figure.
I also got three of the wind turbines, since what colony couldn't use some unique looking wind turbines? They are a great design, both function and sci-fiy.  They come in four parts, the three "blades" and the central turbine part, all in pewter. 

The wind turbines

Close-up of the wind turbine
  When the pieces arrived I was very impressed with the quality of both the resin casting of the wall sets and the pewter casting of the wind turbines.  I had already ordered 6mm troops and buildings from Angel Barracks and I knew, based on the quality of those, that it would be well cast.

Two wall sets.
I really like how the walls are designed.  The come to just a bit higher than a 15mm figure and scale to probably about 8' or 9' tall in scale.  I love how the pieces are separate too and the places where they meet up are well thought out so that it doesn't look disjointed.

GZG 15mm figure for scale with the wall.
The walls with a 15mm figures
He also sells a damaged wall piece that I wish I had ordered, I think it would be a great piece to replace a wall section that was damaged in game to aid in breaching the compound.  Along with that he sells "interior corner pieces" and corner towers. Both very useful in outfitting your walls.

The damaged wall section,  £1.50
interior wall section, a pair for £1.50

Corner "tower" piece, with a spot for a figure to stand,  £1.50

These are great pieces that paint up easy, come almost in totally clean condition (I just rinsed mine in warm water with some dish soap) and are very versatile.  A really great buy for 15mm and 6mm scale tables!

6.6 thumbs up out of 2!


  1. Very useful looking walls but if used in 15mm scale games they would have to be classed as low hard cover.

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  3. I like them very much. They are on the list