Tuesday 10 September 2013

Rebel Transport and Steampunk Infantry, More Laserburn Vehicles, and Micropanzer Building Bits

by Chris

Rebel Minis has unveiled a new conversion kit for the Earthforce Dropship.

Sculpted by Chris at Ravenstar Studios (who also made the Warthog conversion for the Titan Dropship), this brilliant bit of work add a dorsal intake hood and an open passenger bay to the original JBR-designed dropship. The result is quite impressive - it has a place in everything from near-future to space opera settings. I expect Lightning Division players in Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible will get some mileage out of these!

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On the other side of the sci-fi spectrum, Rebel has also released a pack of Steampunk British Infantry.

These gasmasked soldiers are perfect for those late-19th century expeditions to Mars, Venus, or those undiscovered creature-infested islands. Rebel's own Chupacabras might be a good opponent for this infantry pack. 

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15mm.Co.Uk has released two more vehicles in the remastered Laserburn range.

LBR01 Laserburn Rulebook

The Support Wagon (pictured left) is a nice military-grade speeder. The sleek shape and open top imply speed and utility rather than a front-line combat role. That makes it ideal for occupation and police patrols (especially since there's a seated Law Officer figure available) or general counter-insurgent operations. Very useful in small skirmish games.

The Partizan Scout Car (pictured right) is a fully-enclosed vehicle with lots of potential. The sculpted details give you lots of room for judgment - it could be a thin-skinned cargo van, a slab-sided armored courier car, or a small, fast military vehicle. The raised section on top offers conversion potential - it would be easy to add a small sensor, radar, communication array, or remote-operated weapon. I've always thought it was a nice looking vehicle, but the old pewter casting in my collection just isn't clean enough to use. It definitely looks like the new resin castings will bring the Laserburn range up to today's standards.

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A couple weeks ago, Jason at Micropanzer Studios posted about a restock of his resin terrain items. But somehow I completely missed all the new bits he added to the range (sorry, Jason!)

The range offers a ton of parts to convert your own buildings - Jason has been using them very successfully with plastic electrical boxes. It's a great mix of items - some are hand sculpted, and others are cleverly cast from obsolete toys and models. 

What really caught my eye is bit #28. I've been looking for something to use as futuristic street lamps with my Mad Mecha Guy, Proxie Models, and GameCraft cityscapes. This part might just do the trick - effectively and inexpensively. And it's a great excuse to get some of his Crate Sets, and some of his Mass Extractors to pull fossil fuels from the depths of my snow-world table.

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