Tuesday, 3 November 2015

All Hail The Pumpkin Spore

New Monthly Special Miniature From The Ion Age

Hey folks, 

New month and you all know what that means. Yes, another amazing special character model from The Ion Age. This moth brings us the Florian Pumpkin Spore - 

“It is imperative that this vessel returns to the Precinct immediately to make this dire threat known to the Council of Addens. Our survey of Planet Malthus IV as a possible forward base of operations has failed and resulted in a new and terrible foe. I regret the loss of the five Starvaulters among our company but their noble sacrifice in accordance with the Code Gallant saved the ship and our lives. Unknown tissue infections forced me to expel seven of the remaining crew from our primary airlock. I could not risk the 'Florians' making it back to known space. My own Alwite was nearly breached with the speed upon which they sprung at us from all sides. We had only been touched down for less than three hours and scans had shown Malthus IV to be a good world for settlement with clean air and a lush vegetation that would suit a colony. The Starvaulters were first out of the lock as is their privilege and we others followed. Only some minutes stroll from the ship and suddenly they levelled their Valerin 3Mw Laser Rifles and opened fire at the trees and bushes to their fore. Madness was my first notion but only for a scant moment and then I had my own Carnwennan drawn and joined their fire. The vegetation, the trees, everything was advancing upon us; even the odd grass under my soles was moving and all of it attacking. Screams from the un-armoured crew and survey teams as their flesh was drawn from them. Our beams and bullets burned and exploded dozens, a hundred, but they were endless and everywhere. The very Flora had come to a single minded life! We barely got off the ground before the tide ascended upon itself and tried to grab the ship; only the captains act of firing the orbital thrusters burned us clear. As we rose the forest for miles all around were in motion like water rippling towards our landing site. Princess praised we chose a clearing! We must get back to the Precinct. A whole world of living plants. Florians. I give them this name and I curse it.”

Knight Errant Davis Bettani, Devastated Planet Maltus, Expanse beyond the Precinct, 4336IC

These alien creatures may look like charming Halloween decorations, but as the tale above will attest, they are no laughing matters. While they have their place in the Ion Age, it is clear that they would be perfect for fantasy armies as nature spirits or enchanted hosts or for horror themed games in need of something with a bit of whimsy. Heck, these would work well in 28mm games too.

As with the past special monthly figures, the Florian Pumpkin Spore will come free with any order of Ion Age and can be ordered separately for those wishing more than the one free figure or who want to order the figure by itself. For full info, read - HERE

And, just because it is fun, here is a look at past Fall special figures. 


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