Wednesday 11 November 2015

Catching up With Fantasy

I have been quite busy keeping up on all the releases for 15mm science fiction that I have been a bt behind in reporting all the great stuff coming out for 15mm fantasy. I'll start today with a bunch of the releases that have been coming out from holds the molds to many classic ranges and has continued to remaster and release these models. In addition, they have been expanding on some and releasing brand new sculpts as well, such as what they did with the Trolls and Ogres. I am sure this post won't cover all of the releases that have come out so if you want to read more, visit the,uk blog - HERE

PH11 Old English Dragon

535 Arch Demon

HOT101 and HOT102 Leonardo Da Vinci and his Tank

551 The Ent

HOT Ogres

HOT32 The Sphynx

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  1. Building a decent collection of 15mm fantasy figures and terrain is on my agenda for calendar year 2017. (2016 is going back to my bread and butter of sci-fi skirmish.) There really is an embarassment of riches in this scale, and the temptation to hold off on purchasing fantasy figures is hard to resist. You're not helping.