Saturday, 6 March 2010

"How long after we're declared overdue......."

The centrepiece of my Post Apocalyptic urban terrain arrived today from Fieldworks and let me tell you, it is AWESOME. I have to take my hat off to John at Fieldworks, this model exceeded my expectations by miles!

FieldWorks 15mm Terrain F16,
Unpainted: £18.00, Painted: £27.00

It is a shell damaged C20th or later two storey raised building sitting on pillars. The second storey and all roofs are removable. Perfect as a Hiroshima style solitary survivor in a glassed urbanscape or the abandoned command and research centre on LV-426b.

Length 260mm, Width 195mm, Height 100mm

The model arrived in a HUGE, well packaged box, that included a small bag with 40p in change as a refund on postage! Heather said "Ooh, Aliens!" as soon as I took the model out from the layers of bubblewrap. And yes, I can easily see heroic Marines making last stands in the corridors.

The piece itself is £18, which I think is staggeringly good value. Painted it's £27 and you know, wish I'd gone for that option!

has just picked one up for himself. You can imagine, two of these, some GZG containers, a couple of Colony Prefab Modules..... plus hordes of Khurasan Space Demons!

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  1. That's beautiful! Nicely done Fieldworks.

  2. The painted version is superb, picked one up at Crusade Penarth in Jan, take my advice buy the painted one - straight onto the table. A cracking piece of work

  3. Okay, that looks outstanding !

  4. I mailed the gent at Fieldworks about the possibility of doing something similar that is not wrecked for use as colony terrain. Hopefully he'll get some other similar requests and will start turning out some dedicated scifi terrain.