Friday, 19 March 2010

Life Work The Universe...... TFI Friday

TFI Friday! As of Thursday I'd clocked up 7 hours in the office this week over and above paid time. More if one could include working on the train or in the evening at home. Another early start this morning and another late finish!

Today alone I delivered a three pronged corporate EDRMS strategy in a marathon two hour session. Plus, found time to make a well researched contribution towards developing the upcoming Staff Survey, dashed across town to install the computers in an outlying office to the corporate network (lucky I have that background!), then sit down with the HR team to ratify their business processes - the first of many similar sessions.

Lunch? That will be around 9pm this evening.

Am taking Monday off to have a long and well deserved weekend, I think and actually paint some miniatures. With all that's been going on at work you may wonder why I'm putting in the effort? Because I'm enjoying what I am actually doing. The diversity, sense of achievement, and to be totally honest, it all helps the CV.

I'd been waiting to hear from Mike at The Scene about his new Zombie Hunters and I see they are now online to pre-order - - so I've ordered some of those plus the 'guns in suits'. I think one of these guys needs a greenstuff Afro out of all reasonable proportions when I get them in my hands! Mike also has some new atypical desert buildings that are worth looking at for any Sci Fi desert or red planet environment.

You can check out TMP for all these, plus the latest news from Khurasan on Jon's upcoming Dictator Combat Walker, Chewks and Lhurggs.

Flames of War are just about to release their (German) GE439: Reinforced Trucks. Nice looking models tand I must admit that I primarily want to use as WWW2 Survivalist or Zombie Hunting vehicles. They're on the shopping list for next month.


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  1. Those FOW Reinforced Trucks are a very nice find Mark. Plenty of gaming uses.