Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Vacation Alien Painted

Really enjoyed painting Khurasan Miniatures' Vacation Alien this evening. Let's just say I've given the mini a twist on the norm and it's come out a treat!

Unfortunately I've not been so lucky with the photos, which true to form for this week, simply fail to paint an accurate image of the finished miniature. But, this has highlighted that I need to spend some time experimenting with the manual settings to get the best results.

Starting with a white undercoat, I used several washes of XF6 Copper and X34 Metallic Brown from the Tamiya acrylic range plus GW Gramophone Sepia and Devlan Mud washes. To make the 'lattice' effect jump out I added some OOP Citadel Brown ink to the Sepia wash.

Just need to finish the shoulder cannon and may revisit the hands but otherwise I'm really happy with this model and going to leave it as is.

I know it's shaky but I like the 'motion' of the picture
as it brings the figure to life

I'll be adding two more of these Vacation Aliens to my next order from Khurasan - one to paint in a more traditional 'jungly' green-brown with steel faceplate finish - the other model will represent the Alien in 'adaptive camo mode'. To achieve this I'll give him several coats of GW Thrakka Green wash over the bare metal, similar to my 300 Second Spartan.

Now, all I need is 'Dutch' and his unit...... cue Peter Pig Modern USMC and GZG Sg15-XH1 seperate heads! That's tomorrow night sorted!



  1. "Peter Pig Modern USMC and GZG Sg15-XH1"

    How do you find these work together? I adore both PP and GZG, but I'm worried about putting them both on the same board, size/scale-wise. Did you do any comparison shots between the two?

  2. Gramaphone Sepia?!? Haha! Sounds like a color from a VSF/Steampunk line of paints!