Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Apocalypse is Nigh..... in 15mm

Khurasan's new post apocalypse Road Outlaws dropped through the letterbox this morning and what can I say? They are beautiful sculpts far exceeding my expectations and those were set high in the first place due to the superb paint job by Artmaster Studios.

I'm glad I bought several packs as I'll use these Khurasan post apocalyptic warriors as the basis for an Outlaw Gang army in Alien Squad Leader (ASQL2). Plus extra for individual skirmish games using Mutants and Death Ray Guns et al.

107 points (ASQL2)

1x WARLORD (Fighter) @8 points

To give my Warlord a bit of character I've made him and his retinue 'Fighters' @8 points. Master Chef is fine with it if I want to give the same movement as a Light Vehicle.

1x CUSTOMISED AFV with turret heavy weapons upgrade at @11 points
Not compulsory in the rules but de rigeur for any Hollywoodesque p.a. gang army.

GANGS: Each Gang must have a Gang Leader and 3-10 other stands.

Gang No. 1 = 44 points

1x GANG LEADER (Light Vehicle with heavy wpns upgrade) @11 points

3x EASY RIDERS (Light Vehicle with heavy wpns upgrade) @11 points each =   33 points

Gang No.2 = 24 points

1x GANG LEADER (Inferior Infantry) @9 points

3x MERCS (Inferior Infantry) @5 points each = 15 points
(or 3x SCAVANGERS (Fighters with 'Loonies' upgrade) @4 points =12 points

Gang No.3 = 20 points

1x GANG LEADER (Shooter) @8 points

3x LOW LIFE (Shooters) @4 points each = 12 points

There are some neat rules for Outlaw Gangs in ASQL2 - such as 'Shoot on the Run' and 'Loonies' - which really give them character. Don't be surprised if I end up with more than one Outlaw Gang army doing battle for dominance of the scarce resources in the glassed desert wastes.



  1. Very nice! That's an army I've always overlooked while flipping through ASQL, just because I didn't think there were many good miniature options. As soon as Khurasan and Rebel released their PA gangers, I immediately thought of Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Now that I can use them in two different systems, I'll have to pick some up!


  2. Wow, that looks great!

    I look forward to seeing your armies.