Monday, 10 May 2010

Critical Mass Games - New 15mm Buildings

A preview of Critical Mass Games new 15mm Sci Fi buildings and building sets. For several months we've been given tantalising glimpses of the new buildings that Craig and Dale would be using on their Kyushsu Bay game board, and now they are available to the gaming public.

Let's take a look at the building sets:

ARC Fleet Building set 1: AFBD1 £50.00 (RRP £56.50).
6 buildings: 1 x AFBD4, 1 x AFBD6, 1 x AFBD8, 1x AFBD10, AFBD12, AFBD14

ARC Fleet Building set 2: AFBD2 £50.00 (RRP £56.50).
6 buildings, 1 x AFBD5, 1 x AFBD7, 1 x AFBD9, 1x AFBD11, AFBD13, AFBD15

ARC Fleet Otilium Refinery set: AFBD3 £60.00 (RRP £64.00).
5 buildings, 1 x AFBD16, 1 x AFBD17, 2 x AFBD18, 1x AFBD19

For more photos visit the Critical Mass Games Forum (click here).

Now some individual buildings in more detail:

The buildings come with interior details
such as doors and windows

This is really cool, very useful for RPGs and individual skirmish games but also looks so much better than having your miniatures imprisoned in a slab sided box. Well done guys!

One of my favourites: AFBD15 - Research Facility - £11.50

No more buying plumbing from the hardware store or taking extra straws from Starbucks with my Latte & extra shot!

Another favourite: AFBD19 - Otilium Storage Tank - £12.00

For more photos visit the Critical Mass Games Forum (click here).

For the building sizes, check the Critical Mass Release Schedule

A well conceived range of Sci Fi buildings for the 15mm gamer. Even if you have no reason to purchase the hab, office and store buildings because you already own GZG's great range of buildings, or like the look of those from Basement Gaming Bunker, there's still room for the refinery pieces, either individually or as a set.

Even one or two of AFBD19 would compliment my GZG Colony prefabs or my desert dwellings from The Scene. I can see the use for the refinery models going beyond Sci Fi to post apocalypse, near future and future pulp gaming too.

Overall, the new Critical Mass buildings have a more robust and permanent look to them than GZG's prefabs and to my mind would suit a more established colony or outpost. There's no reason why you couldn't mix and match GZG's and Critical Mass Games buildings to create interesting frontier settlements and company towns with unique character.

What can I say? Some amazing buildings that can only push the 15mm Sci Fi hobby forward and establish it as being here to stay. These new buildings should be available online during the course of this week from:



  1. O_O wow. I feel the need of having 'em.

  2. OMG

    I am going to go broke ordering these buildings. I haven't even ASSEMBLED the GZG building set I ordered yet... sheesh I gotta get with the program!

    -Ray 'Doc Simian'

    My 15mm Hovel

  3. Amazing - they really raise the bar, detail wise.

    Are the overhangs on the first set awnings, or do they butt together / could they be used to build walkways? I'm eyeing these up for 15mm Infinity, and it would be a nice way to get some elevation.

  4. The overhangs are sprue and should be removed prior to painting.

    We have left them on as they have number on for stock identification.

    They are simply removed by scoring both sides with a scalpel, and then snapping them off cleanly.

  5. Cool stuff ... but a little on the spendy side for guys in the US. I am always so envious of all the mini gaming options you guys have across the pond :(

  6. Hmm, they're just little boxes though. Now I can see why they fled their homeworld. :-)


  7. If I only had the money to get these buildings I'd throw away all my home-made cardboard terrain and replace it with these marvelous buildings!

  8. Very cool. I value your blog as a source for all the 15mm SF stuff I want and someday will own. Thanks.

  9. Really nice sets. If I work enough excess capital, these would be worth the investment.