Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's all gone a bit Blitzkrieg!

Master Chef is trying to tell me something. A dozen 28mm WW2 Germans from Crusader Miniatures dropped through the letter box this morning. Very nice grim faced Nazi buggers they are too.

I didn't order them......... but I could virtually feel the evil grin over my shoulder as I inspected them. So my arm was forced, yes forced I tell you, to order a corresponding section of Brits from BEF Miniatures to do battle.

I'm resisting more at this time because I now how easily this could get out of hand - two sections becomes a platoon, then two platoons......

These boys are going to be led by 'Major Cadd' from Artizan's Thrilling Tales range as they are an "absolute shower" and needs someone with a bit of oomph to get them to put up a "good show".

Rules? MC wants to use "Flying Lead" - whereas I want to try out Troops Weapons and Tactics picked up during the recent Lardy sale. Doubtless we'll try both. The 1940 supplement for TW&T (no sniggering at the back) can be downloaded free here (click to download).

I'm also toying with using our own Cross of Iron rules - yes that was us - turning Jerry into faceless 'Goon squads'. All Commando Comics' "Gott Im Himmel!", "Raus!", "Schell!" But let's get 'em painted first.



  1. Flying Lead.

    I just downloaded and printed out a copy today. I'm thinking about using it for some post apoc/zombie/infiltrator robot action.

    Don't suppose you know of any good figs for a 15mm A-Team!

    Doc Simian!

  2. Hi Doc

    For Hannibal Rebel Minis Civilian Contractors:


    For BA Baracus RAFM Space Pirates:


    For Face and Murdoc: RAFM Crewmen -