Monday, 17 May 2010

Security Bots from Antenociti's Workshop

Antenociti's Workshop have introduced a new dedicated Goverance of Technology range of 28mm Sci Fi figures and scenery that will be of interest to 15mm Sci Fi gamers too.

Antenocitis Workshop will be familiar to many UK gamers as stockists of Testors Dullcoat, Silfur and a host of modelling accessories. They are possibly less well known for their range of excellent 15mm WW2 German bunkers and Douves Radar Station.

The new Governance of Technology range includes a broad range of models that could easily find their way onto your tabletop. The 28mm Security Bots above (x2 for £5.00) are an easy choice but amongst the G.O.T. scenery range is a plethora of items that would be suitable for 15mm gamers too such as the security barrier pictured to the right (x8 for £6.50), crates, fuel stations, pollution scrubbers etc.

I'm going to buy that 28mm trooper - she is a perfect proxy for the default female Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect.

G.O.T. 28mm Sci Fi (28mm trooper in pic)
Secure Crates (x12 for £7.50)

Secondary Heat Converter: £4.50

I like this one as it's useful as a15mm secure comms uplink station, defence grid generator, alien greeblie device (bomb, energy shield, beacon).

Aegis 4 Turret: £4.50

Defend your colony and starport with real firepower

Well worth your time to visit ANTENOCITI's WORKSHOP and take a look.



  1. I really like these figures. I've been keeping an eye on them for a while. They've got a nice "Ghost in the Shell" feel to them, I think.

  2. When everybody is getting into 15mm Sci-Fi, it seems weird to me that Antenociti are producing loads of 28mm stuff.