Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Road Outlaws on the way!

I've ordered several packs of the first set of Khurasans superb new post apocalypse Road Outlaws. I just want them now! They are vindication to myself if needed, for the effort put into creating my post apocalypse scenery. They are also going to see plenty of action in running gun battles through my GZG shantyville and raids on the Critical Mass Games refinery complex.

In a more Sci Fi vein, I can at last finish my ASQL Outlaw Gangs army. Plus these Road Outlaws should even proxy for Reavers in the Firefly 'Verse.

By the time pack 2 of the Road Outlaws becomes available, I'll probably be in a position to put in a larger order to Khurasan which will include the new Mekanoids and I may even want a couple more packs of the characters from the first set!

Shipping to the UK is only $4 for $16 worth of figs, which is about the same as ordering a smilar amount from Peter Pig at the other end of the country, so no worries there. And definitely worth it to push gaming projects forward with these Road Outlaws asap!


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  1. Hey Mark,

    I asked mad scientist Jim at Litko if he would consider making a 15mm version of his Industrial Tower System. Since he did the 15mm corridor (Space Hulk) system, I thought it would be great to have some vertical Necromeunda style stuff to go along with this new Post Apoc goodness coming out. He said he was going to put it on his design schedule and that it was a great idea. So maybe soon you can have some vertical stuff for your games as well.