Friday, 21 May 2010

Life Work The Universe...... The best laid plans of mice

“Oh, I know what you mean there, Robbie, yes… Fucking plans ganging aglay by a fucking truckload…”
Eddie Izzard

You may remember that Big Damn Cough? Well, the cough and chest problems never went away. Following the impromptu and sudden visit to hospital a couple of weeks back, I had the diagnosis this week and with that, a reality check.

Nothing immediately life threatening but it does mean a few life changes and setting parameters for myself. However I can still have my beer, bacon, egg and chips - so life ain't that bad!

We've been through the change curve this week following the news, both individually and as a couple. The diagnosis answers so many things and now we know whats wrong can work around it. The future may have gang aglay somewhat but that's life and you know, it may just be for the best.



  1. We are all pulling for you, and here's hoping that you'll be virtual blogging (using molecular memory of course) about your games in 2050AD!

  2. At least beer, bacon, eggs and chips are still on the menu.

    Hope you start feelin well again!