Monday, 26 September 2011

Triorb Invasion

Breaking new from!

Heya Folks, have just released the Triorbs, a brand new pack in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range.
The Triorbs are classic bad guys, evil machines, perhaps even hailing from Mars with their technicolour eyes and gun mount all swathed in robes. Great for gaming on the red planet, or retro 1950's pulp gaming too. Henchmen or other nastiness in the forces of your alien empire.  Each Triborb is armed with a belt mounted heat beam and is approx 14mm tall.  Suitable for use with Alien Squad Leader and many more systems.
Martians?  Droids?  Retro 1950's gaming joy?  Denizens of the pulp red planet?  Or something else?  Add them to your alien forces today!

The Triorbs come as a pack of ten miniatures in a mix of three poses and can also be purchased as single castings.

You can buy the pack here
Or the single figures here
Thanks for Reading,
Alexander Scott.


  1. Perfect! I have several of Pendaken's "10mm" Martian walkers that have the "same" look. Perfect for VSF.

    By the way, may be worth you reviewing the Pendraken ranges which includes lizardman cavalry with big guns - ideal for a lost colony. Plus some nice aliens and bugs perfectly at home in 15mm. Check out the fantasy stuff as well.

  2. Oh, nice! Those look great, and certainly something I'd want to invest in when I've the extra cash.

    Thanks for the heads up!