Monday, 19 September 2011

Review - Critical Mass Games Kaamados Dominion Buildings

A few weeks ago, Critical Mass Games released the Kaamados Dominion building range. I'd been hoping for a range of alien terrain since the current 15mm Sci Fi boom started, and that's exactly what these delivered. My wife bought two of them for me on their release date (happy birthday to me!). They arrived quickly, and I was very impressed by what I held.

The buildings look great on the Critical Mass website. They were even better when I had them in my hands. Big, chunky, and clearly not made by anyone from Earth. The size is impressive - the two buildings I have are just right for my 2' x 2' table.

It took me a few weeks to decide on the right color scheme, but I finally painted them over the weekend:

I ended up using a cheap copper metallic spray paint as a basecoat. The color looks great on my Red Planet terrain set... it looks like they belong to this type of environment. I painted the hatches and windows silver, painted the bases to match my terrain, and applied a black wash between the panel segments and over the hatches. I still haven't painted the interiors, but there is plenty of detail that can be picked out.

For now, these buildings will belong to my Micropanzer Krystrial aliens. But they could be used for quite a few other sci-fi roles. GZG's Sci-Fi Egyptians could guard them from the human Assault Teams; Rebel Scourge or 15mm.Co.Uk Automatons could use them in a 15mm Necron role, or they could even fit in with the 1978 Battlestar Galactica aesthetic using Astro Minis' Sybots. Even if you play exclusively with humans, these could be the remnants of some ancient civilization on some distant world.

If you're looking to add any kind of alien terrain to your collections, you could do far worse than these buildings!

Chris K.


  1. Ah these are very nice! Great to have some really alien looking scenery available. I like the colours you went for too.

  2. Agreed the metallic copper colour is original and quite alien looking, and as a bonus it does match your red planet terrain table very well.

  3. These look really cool. Maybe you could add some weathering effects? Your table (which I have developed a lot of affection for) looks like it's subject to sandstorms to me :)

  4. Thank you, folks. They are a fun addition to my board.

    @SpaceJacker - that's a very good idea. These pyramids look pretty pristine for this type of environment.

    What would be a good weathering powder or technique for these? I've seen copper patina powders before, but I'm wondering if a black or rust powder would make just as much sense.

  5. Maybe a light green power to represent the copper getting corroded over time by acidic particals in the sand that get swept up during the freak sand storms...