Sunday, 4 September 2011


This just in from Jon at Ground Zero Games:



Next weekend (10th/11th Sept) we will be at NEWBURY RACECOURSE for COLOURS. We'll be in our usual spot, just to the right of the main public entrance. This week I'm working flat-out to get enough stock made for the show, so as explained on the front page of our online store, there won't be any orders mailed out this week - but I'll be catching up on them as quickly as possible once the show is over.

Now, there are several bits of info that are relevant to this show:

1) There SHOULD, if the Gods of Mouldmaking are kind, be some NEW 15mm items out in time for the show. These should include the first of the long-awaited NEW-SCULPT NAC POWER ARMOUR, plus some new items for the CRUSTIES - some "heavy" infantry in armoured suits, and an all-new Crusty medium combat walker about 32mm tall, which will be supplied with several arm, leg and weapon variants!
Production of these will be right down to the wire before I load the van, so there won't be any details of them online before the show - you'll just have to come along and see them! Once the show is over, I'll get them up on the store for mailorder as soon as possible.

2) An apology to the Vacc-Heads (FT fans) out there - I had really, really meant to have the FT JAPANESE fleet ready for re-release in time for this show, but it hasn't happened. With luck and a following wind, I may get them done before SELWG, or at least by WARFARE at the end of the show year.

3) Some very GOOD NEWS for those of you able to make it to the show - remember how I had said that Games Expo, back in June, would be the last chance to get our stuff at the old pre-increase prices? Well, my intention was to re-label and re-price everything in the show stock and displays over the summer, so that by Colours they would all match the new website prices..... but, as usual everything has taken longer and been busier than expected, with much more mailorder over the summer than usual, and the bottom line is that I haven't been able to do it yet - so at COLOURS, VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING WILL STILL BE AT THE PRE-INCREASE PRICES for what I hope will be one last time! This means that most items we have with us will be something like 10%-20% less than the current website prices, and in the case of the already-discounted boxed deals you'll be making anything up to a 30% saving!
I MUST get the re-pricing done before the next show (SELWG), so this really will be the last and only opportunity at the old prices - DON'T MISS IT!

Right, I'm getting back to making moulds and casting stock, hope to see lots of you there next weekend!

Jon, Sunday 4th Sept.

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