Monday, 23 January 2012

The Wikkia Man

No not the movie but a 15mm model of the sacrifical edifice of the same name from  Dreamholme Scenics!

 Dreamholme Scenics  
Wicker Man, £16

Now I know, you are propably thinking WTF! But step back a moment. Both Khurasan and Splintered Light Miniatures have recently released miniatures form the golden age of Pulp that could easily see the Wikka Man used as a centrepiece for a scenario set amongst Cultists and Call of Cthulu.

Cults are de rigeur for post apocalypse gaming, so again this could see use as the objective with your clan/gang/survivors  trying to rescue some of their own from the clutches of the local cult or wasteland mutants before they are sacrified to the Comet Gods.

Of course, you could also set it in Modern times, somewhere in  Redneck/Bible Belt America and Rebel Minis have all the minis you need. Let's see if Scooby, Shaggy and the lovely Daphne get out of this one!

Mars - yes, Mars. Your Victorian Spacefarers fall upon a tribe of Green Martians or similar who sacrifice humans, Canal Martians or simply anything they fancy, and you have to rescue or escape - or maybe you are Carruthers of the 4th Ether Marines, tasked with stamping out this vile practice and now leading a raid on the local Martian Magog settlement.

Something mad, but different, with loads of opportunity for gaming!



  1. It's a basket-case! I like it. A voodoo-whoodoo!

  2. Very amusing. :) But there's some serious potential in that type of item. We might laugh if we came across one in a field today. Five or ten generations after the apocalypse? That might be a revered holy marker.

  3. I had the idea of an alien race burning one as a human effigy. Sort of a "Go hoe humans!" sort of thing.

    Mission scenario - task force deployed to local indigenous village to rescue possible captives and put down uprising activity.


  4. That movie made me as a wiccan SO ANGRY !

    but still cool mini and lots of pretty awesome ideas down here in the comment section. I especially liked Chris K's apocalypse idea.


  6. Awesome. Some brilliant ideas. The mars one being my favourite. I can also see fantasy beastmen doing the same sort of thing.