Saturday, 14 January 2012

Junk Building By Numbers

I often see many fantastic junk builds and wonder what all goes into them. It's usually pretty obvious which parts are purchased for specific parts but it is the bits and bobs of junk and greeblies that go into it that often leave my head spinning.

Now, it's a given that not everyone will have the same stuff laying about but there are quite of a few standards that I can count on to have about all the time and expect that most gamers will too. The stuff that I don't have, can often be substituted for with something else. Once you figure out where the parts come from, it's actually pretty straight forward.

What I present to you here are three panels of a terrain piece in progress. These pictures do not constitute the final detailed piece but break down the basic components that went into making it all go together. Each picture features several numbered boxes. These boxes outline a particular part and include a number. These numbers correspond to the list below the pictures.

Parts List
  1. Wood craft knob
  2. Prescription bottle cap
  3. Precut MDF miniatures base
  4. Plastic packaging
  5. Printer cartridge
  6. Blood sugar test strip cartridge
  7. Soda Pop candy dispenser
  8. Plastic packaging
  9. Metal 28mm vehicle gun
  10. GZG rooftop vent
  11. Board game board
  12. 28mm vehicle part
  13. 40K heavy flamer fuel tank
  14. Decorative rhinestone
  15. Flames of War plastic base
  16. Door frame made from wooden coffee stir sticks
  17. Textured plasticard
I hope seeing a breakdown of what went into a simple but effective piece of terrain will inspire folks and open their eyes to the every day bits and pieces that they have laying around that can be put together into a good, solid bit of terrain.

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  1. I am working on "seeing" treasures in the trash pile. This is good-stuff for me. Thanks.

    1. A grand little article, this. It's always great to rummage through a box and find something just perfect for terrain. The only problem I have found is that the terrain is eating up more space than the models!

  2. junk is the the firts modeling material!