Friday, 20 January 2012

Additional USE ME titles from 15mm.Co.Uk!

Building on the success of their USE ME 001 Science fiction rules, 15mm.Co.Uk has released two more titles in that collection.  

First up is USE ME 007 - 15mm Post Apocalypse.  From their description: "This is the seventh title in the USE ME series and its the first title created after a year of solid feedback from the wargaming public. We have gone through a core science fiction set of rules and several historical ones plus ventured into space but now we go into a near and bleak future; that of the Post Apocalypse. Returning to the USE ME stable is author O.G.Joel, who has penned among other things USE ME World War Two. He had an interest in the aftermath of a man made, natural or supernatural event that would end our world and bring about a nightmare world of scavengers and technological warlords. This interest and knowledge resulted in these rules. Fast play rules based on the D6 USE ME engine that would suit 15mm scale miniatures (though it will work with smaller or larger scales with ease). From a few personalities in small scenario to squad level with battles involving a hundred or more character including vehicles."

I couldn't help noticing the contents for this book includes four pages called "Factions of a Wasted World."  USE ME 001 only has a generic troop builder section, so this title might go into a bit more flavor and detail than the earlier game. 

The other release that caught our eye is USE ME 009 - Zombie Dawn.  From their description: "It is with a moan and a shuffle that I welcome you to the ninth title in the USE ME series of titles. Why a moan and a shuffle? Because its the Zombie Dawn baby; the night, day and eternity of the living dead! This rule set marks a departure from a primarily broad based series of titles for something more specialised. 

Gavin Syme created Zombie Dawn in response to gamers requests by the hundreds for an Undead game which was easily played, a little different and most importantly could be played solo as well as with two or more players. Fast play rules based on the D6 USE ME engine that would suit 15mm scale miniatures and has a simple matrix to use 28mm scale miniatures too. From a few personalities in small scenario to squad (called teams) level with battles involving a hundred or more characters including vehicles. USE ME Zombie Dawn achieves all of this and more."

The USE ME first book was great, and plays extremely well for many "conventional" sci fi settings.  But for zombie outbreaks, nuclear apocalypse recovery, and post alien-attack scenarios, we now have a custom-tailored, pocket-size set of rules that can be played with a minimum of preparation.  

And if you decide to order these rules - don't forget to pick up some characters from the underrated Laserburn range.  If you order any Laserburn figures before January 31st, you'll get a free Law Officer patrol group consisting of one bike, three foot officers, and a K-9.  Those figures might be very useful as security guards for your post-apocalyptic pharmaceutical corporation, or as new-authority cops trying to keep the peace on the remains of your metropolitan streets...


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