Friday, 12 October 2012

GZG Previews New 15mm Science Fiction

Jon from Ground Zero Games was nice enough to send this preview with pics and everything to us here at Dropship Horizon. I'll let him speak for himself on this. Read below. It's a big one!!!

Hi all,
This Sunday (14th) is SELWG at Crystal Palace, London - hopefully we'll see many of our regulars there!

We've got a nice bundle of new items ready just in time for the show
- full details below, they'll be up on the store very soon with pictures.

This is what we have for you this time round.....


The first full production releases for the Official TOMORROW'S WAR 15mm range! We are launching EIGHT packs in the first wave - our normal 8-figure packs with 2 each of 4 different sculpts in each pack
- four each for both the DPRG (Democratic Peoples' Republic of Glory) and RANG (Republic of Arden National Guard):

TW15-RA01   RANG rifles pack A (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-RA02   RANG rifles pack B (8 figs, 4 different poses)

TW15-RA03   RANG SAW gunners (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-RA04   RANG MRAWs and Snipers (8 figs, 4 different poses)


TW15-DP01   DPRG rifles pack A (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-DP02   DPRG rifles pack B (8 figs, 4 different poses)

TW15-DP03   DPRG SAW gunners (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-DP04   DPRG RPGs and Snipers (8 figs, 4 different poses)

All TW15 packs are £3.60 each inc. VAT (£3.00 ex VAT for non-EU customers)

The moulds for these are very new and not yet run-in, so we haven't been able to cast many for this weekend - so at SELWG on Sunday we will have VERY LIMITED stocks of these packs. If you want to be among the first to have some, come and see us as soon as you arrive!
For those of you who bought our pre-release taster packs of the DPRG and RANG figures (pack codes TW-DP1 and TW-RA1, which will shortly be withdrawn from sale), please note that the sample figures previewed in those packs have been reissued in the production packs above - but with many new pose variants added to the range, so the figures you already have will fit right into your new units.


As well as the Tomorrow's War range, we are also launching several new items in our SG15/V15 ranges this weekend:

For our very popular UNSC Light Infantry range, we have a pack of RAM MORTAR TEAMS, a pack of GRAV BIKES for fast attack and recon units, and a manned groundmount HEAVY PLASMA CANNON that makes an great emplaced defensive weapon:

SG15-U28    UNSC/L RAM Mortars - two teams (2 weapons, 2 tripod
mounts and 4 crew figures)
            £3.00 per pack inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT for non-EU customers)

V15-92A           UNSC/L Grav Bikes - pack of 2 bikes, 2 riders, 2 stands
            £4.50 per pack inc. VAT (£3.75 ex VAT for non-EU customers)

V15-93A           Heavy Plasma Cannon on ground mount, with UNSC/L gunner
            £3.00 each inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT for non-EU customers)

Plus, for the NAC, another great little vehicle for your rapid-mobility forces - to go with the very popular Mules and Trikes, we have a hybrid light carrier with the front wheels and rider of the all-terrain trike, attached to a small load-bed running on tracks (rather like the German Kettenkrad!). Due to the vehicle's parentage, and despite it being a slight misnomer (as it has two wheels and two tracks), the troops using this versatile little transport tend to call it the "Halftrike". The loadbed can carry a palletised cargo load, a fireteam of seated troops or, for attack and escort duties, a gunner and rollbar-mounted weapon. The kit is supplied with two alternative weapons, a rapid-fire autocannon and an automatic grenade launcher.

V15-94A           NAC "Halftrike" light load carrier, supplied with
driver, gunner and two alternative weapons.
            £4.50 each inc. VAT (£3.75 ex VAT for non-EU customers)

Last but not least, we have a variant version of our extremely popular "spider drones" - this time replacing the twin cannon of the 84A version with a single rotary tribarrel cannon:

V15-84B           Spider Drones with rotary cannon (pack of 3)
            £3.00 per pack inc. VAT (£2.50 ex VAT for non-EU customers)


Hopefully that's enough to be going on with - for the Vacc-Heads out there, sorry that it's all 15mm again, but I AM working on getting some new FT stuff ready in time for WARFARE in November - so you haven't been completely forgotten!

All the best,

Jon (GZG)


  1. We'll be picking some of this on Sunday!

  2. Halftrikes and grav bikes! Yay!

  3. Those Republic of Arden National Guard figures are sweet.

  4. Time to go shopping again. And I still have to paint my last bunch of troops.

  5. Curse that evil man and his never ending ability to extract cash from my purse! And his stand at SELWG will be on the way to the stairs down to the main hall so can't be avoided.