Monday, 15 October 2012

Not 15mm, But Maybe Still Useful - Flyers From Dust Tactics

Many of you may have seen these already, but I just stumbled on the new aircraft models coming out for the German faction in the Dust Tactics miniatures game.

These are designed, like many of the aircraft for that game, as stub fighters and small, almost midget air support craft for the skirmish/small battle scale types of play for Dust. While I feel they are a little scrawny for the 28mm games they are intended for, I do seem some potential for those among us 15mm science fiction gamers who are always on the look out for usable aircraft models for re-purposing.

While I haven't had a chance to look one over in the flesh, they look like they might work nicely as dropships, gunships, or even civilian spaceport dressing with just a little bit of modification.


  1. Those ARE small for 28mm. Maybe they'd be better as throwaway parasite interceptors that launched from a bomber or zeppelin, but not as airfield-based fighters. But yeah, adapted to 15mm they'd suddenly become some kind of kick ass wunderwaffen rocket ground attack planes or something.

  2. What would be the price point for a vehicle this size? I can't seem to find any pre-orders for them.

  3. Ausgezeichnet! Das Flugzeug ist wunderbar!!! Ich besuche das!

  4. They as pretty cool, but it will come down to cost for me!

  5. Cool Stuff Inc doesn't have them listed yet. They should go for about $20-25 each. These look better than their goofy helicopters IMO. I could use them in a WWWII game. Allison, the DT figures are very large, making the planes look even smaller! Personally, I like the AT43 stuff better.

    Perhaps these could be bombers in 15mm gaming?