Thursday, 11 October 2012

Post Apocalyptic Warriors, Beasts, and Robots

All kinds of new releases this week.

Eleven items were released by The Scene today - they have promised 100 new items by November. The Wasteland Warriors range of post-apocalyptic mutants are reinforced with two different War Walkers.

Three new packs were added to the popular Heavy Battle Robots range, and will be very useful for everyone converting them into not-Space Marines. All three packs include separate arms - one pack is Heavy Weapons, another Hand Weapons/Guns, and finally Hand Weapons and Power Fists. 

A new category has been added to The Scene's figure ranges - Alien Beasts. Three creatures are now available. And finally, two remastered buildings have been added to the Desert Dwellings range.

*     *     *     *     *

15mm.Co.Uk also has a variety of alien creatures - released under the SHM Range. Here are the Nessite and the Slurmite (the latter may have a fondness for highly addictive beverages):

And the furry Avarep Cobra (which might be a useful Ysalamiri for Star Wars games), along with the Galdor Burrower.

It's a nice little variety of creatures. I can imagine playing games where Nessites can appear out of water terrain, and Avarep Cobras can jump out of tree bases.

*     *     *     *     *

Splintered Light Minis is one of the finest producers of 15mm fantasy minis on the market. David's figures are always worth a look - many would be ideal primitives in mixed-technology games, and even hard SF gamers could put some of his beasts to use. While he's always had a couple packs of sci-fi minis (which don't resemble the crew of a famous smuggling vessel in any way...), David surprised everyone this week by unveiling an expansive post apocalptic range.

All four packs were inspired by the novel Through the Fury to the Dawn, which was written by David's brother-in-law. I hadn't heard of it until seeing these figures, and it's very tempting to pick up a book when I know there are perfect figures to wargame the setting. David released packs for Survivors (including the book's seven main characters), Zombies, Gangers, and Giant Ants.

And these figures certainly wouldn't be restricted to the setting within the book - they would mix extremely well with post-apocalyptic and horror figures from Rebel Minis, Highlander Studios, Khurasan, and the Wasteland Warriors mentioned above from The Scene.



  1. Well that's quite an array of creatures! Also, love the battle robots, converting them into Not Space Marines would be a bit of a shame. They have their own charm...

  2. Great group of releases this week. Heavy Battle Robots excellent! - Hammerstein for me.