Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ghost of Hefei Kickstarter Moving into the Home Stretch.

Hey all,

Eli here, your friendly neighborhood Dropship co-pilot here.

Just a quick shout out to the 15mm miniatures community that The Department: Ghosts of Hefei is rounding the bend to it's final days. The project is going strong but is not quite there. I invite anyone who is a fan of 15mm miniatures (and I know you are) and/or innovative and fun game systems to join me in backing Joe's vision.

The Department was a great game and Ghosts of Hefei will expand on that fun by adding a new element to his universe and new ways to play street-level miniatures games. Hacking, robots, future gangs! What's not to like?

15mm Yakuza fabricant


  1. As I did not spend very much at Salute Wargames show, I have now pledged and am very much hoping they reach their target.

  2. You had me at "15mm PF Sculpt." In for 2 15mm gangs, a shirt, and the rules.


  3. I really hope this gets funded. I've put in my pledge and REALLY look forwards to it!

  4. I hope they reach their funding goal as well. My pledge is in.