Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter: 15mm Yakuza Fabricant Previewed

By Harold

Hi Everyone,  over at the Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter they previewed the newest miniature, the Yakuza Fabricant:

Great looking miniature and I think this will find use in all types of armies and has a lot of potential.  What do you guys think?

The Kickstarter still has 21 days to go and is already at $4,408 out of a $10k goal.  They've added some cool reward levels that include 15mm miniatures and rulebooks at pretty reasonable pledge levels.

Anyone else as excited about this game as I am?  I really enjoyed playing The Department and I'm always for gang skirmish games!


  1. I really like the look of all the minis we have seen for this project so far. I look forward to seeing more, and I hope they make enough to hit some of those stretch goals too.

  2. I backed it originally for the miniatures, but have changed my pledge for the rules and the minis as I really like some of the new concepts being brought into an otherwise straight forward skirmish game.