Tuesday, 2 April 2013

GZG Salute Preview - Power Quad Variants

Here is the The POWERQUAD walker/tracked Civilian Mecha - TRANSPORT VERSIONS!

When we previewed the Construction and Engineering versions of the new Mecha just a few days ago, several folks suggested transport versions of the Quad units without the construction equipment - well, I'd like to pretend that these are in direct response to that, but in fact these were already planned as part of the range, I just hadn't got them moulded till now!

So, this phase of our  SALUTE 2013 release previews includes the Cargo Box and Open Loadbed versions of both the "walker" and the "tracked" PowerQuad mecha chassis! Both body types will be available with both mobility systems, though for display purposes I've only  built up one example of each so far.


  1. I really like the triangular track thing. I expect it'd take a serious obstacle to big that thing.

    1. It's like those tri-wheeled grocery carts you see old ladies with, and they can haul those up stairs, so yeah. The wheels just flip over obstacles.

  2. Im not a great lover of walkers on vehicles, however I can still admire the sculpt!

    more great work from GZG

  3. I see some cool conversions for these...quad tracked/walker with openload beds and ground mount weapons, hmmmm....TECHNICALS!!!

  4. I don't like walker truck.. But tracked one is very interesting !!